pragati welfare society

B/31, Indrapuri Colony, Ashiana Road,

NGO’s Profile:
A. To promote social economic and cultural uplift of BPL faimly
B. To establish and maintain public library, free reading rooms, night schools, adult educational centre, coaching centre, E.C.E. centers for all-round educational development.
C. To help the aged, sick, helpless and indigent persons and to open charitable dispensary for the poor.
D. To undertake programmes for women welfare.
E. NGO engaged in humanitarian services.
F. To organize programmes for children welfare like feeding programmes and child nutrition.
G. To held lectures, debates, symposium, seminar, excursion and awareness camps etc.
H. To arrange Sports, Dramas, Easy-Recreation and Handwriting competitions
I. To mould the character and conduct of the children, adolescent and youth to maintain themselves as the future citizen of India.


1. Name of the Organization: – Garia Sathi

2. Type of the Organization: – Non Profit Social Welfare Organization.

3. Address of the Organization: – 29/3 Brizi Road, Garia, Kolkata – 700084. (W.B)

4. Reg No- S/IL/30069(2005-2006)

5. Recognition u/s52 (2) & (4):- 257/com (2007)
(P.W.D Act)

6. Telephone no: – 033 – 64529283

7. Email Address: –

8. Web Address: –


10. Date of Establishment: – 20th June 2005.

11. Our Banking Details:
Bank : – United Bank of India.
Branch : – Garia
A/C No: – 270725.
M.I.C.R No: – 700027054

12. Name & Address of Contact Persons: – Sumitra Ganguly
9/26 Netaji Nagar, Flat no-6 , Kolkata- 700092(W.B)
Ph- 9831610397

Debaprasad Chakraborty
29/3 Brizi Road, Garia Kolkata – 700084. (W.B)
Ph- 9830091648.

13. Nature of the Organization:-

Garia Sathi is a Registered society under societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961 and also Registered under Government of west Bengal office of the commissioner, for persons with Disabilities U/S 52(2) and (4) Act 95 Reg.No 257/Com (2007), Registered Act under u/s 12AA of the I.T. Act. 1961, Registered Act under u/s 80G(5) (vi) of the I.T. Act, 1961, taken upon its shoulder to work with the challenged children who belong to the villages and Below Poverty Line (BPL) population. They are even unable to have a square meal a day, leave alone pay for their special treatment.
14. General Information about the Organization:-

“Garia Sathi” is devoted to the growth, development and rehabilitation of the children of our society with natural negations and various challenges.
Operating on a very humble level, we are fortunate to receive some invaluable service from some local experts. For a Govt. registered Organization we are now striving towards mass awareness, social support and corporate patronage for our cause.
We intend to drive home in to the minds of the People that these challenges can be made easy to some extent with early detection and proper care and that in no way bad parenting, or evil stars have any influence on these challenged individuals. Our basic premise is to work with and for the under-privileged and the BPL population who constitute the major portion of the rural populace With this awareness mission on hand we are on a fast track to cover whole of Kolkata and aspire to go national down the years.

We have been blessed with a world of colors, fragrances and sounds – and most of us are blessed with the sense to feel and experience these shades of life. But, there are a few whose lives are dark and silent – who are unable to see or feel or hear life as we take for granted. These challenged souls are fighting for a ray of hope – a hope to live!
The pain, the agony and the helplessness of the mentally or physically challenged people are unbearable. Sometime, we, the privileged ones, take pity on them and utter “How sad! God help them” or such similar words of sympathy.
What is really sad is that we fail to understand the challenged – “They need Empathy not Sympathy”.

Garia Sathi – Who are we?

Garia Sathi, a non-profit organization has taken upon its shoulder to work with the challenged children who belong to the villages and Below Poverty Line (BPL) population. They are even unable to have a square meal a day, leave alone pay for their special treatment.
Presently, Garia Sathi has employed a dedicated and efficient of audiologist, speech therapist, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists and special educators dealing with MR & HI cases. They are treating, training and educating a number of physically challenged children and adults belonging to

BPL and under privileged families who require hearing aids, artificial limbs, wheel chairs, crutches, balance-shoes, chairs designed for different kinds of disabilities. Many require aids but do not have the means to buy those instruments while others require treatment, training & education.
Human Society comprises Homo Sapiens of Normal, exceptional and abnormal natures. Whoever it is, to simply exist in this jet world of competition it is almost impossible to exist without proper understanding& knowledge, learning efficiency of ones own. These when coupled with the latent potential of individual renders him “SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE’. We intend to strive to extend a square field to these children.
The very concept originated in the mind one of our member whose daughter a victim of hearing impairment since birth. Early detection and deployment of suitable assistance sustained natural growth & development of natural facilities.
Garia Sathi – Our Mission
? To bring a ray of hope to the lives of Autistic & mentally challenged children
? To guide the challenged people towards a better and meaningful way of live
? We intend to train these children and make them self- sufficient for all walks of life so that they do not need to depend on others and can successfully create a standing of their own. They need our empathy not sympathy. They should be made to inculcate within themselves a sense of self – respect & dignity and create their own worth, when the sun will rise for them alone.
Garia Sathi – Our Vission

• We aspire to make the challenged children of today facilities of tomorrow so that they can render assistance to somebody else and make them selves sufficient enough to shoulder the responsibilities of making India a super power.
• We dream of a nation where the people will be intertwined & interrelated where no one will be a burden or obligation for the other.
Garia Sathi – Our Modus Operandi
• Registration.
• Identification.
• Documentation.
• Counseling.
• Training Initiation.
• Deployment of sequential practice with the expert’s advice.
• Regular securitizations of equipments & patient suitability & adaptability.
• Feedback.
• Formal education.
• Initiative for mainstream retrieval.

Garia Sathi – Areas of Operations

? Children with Autistic challenges
? Children with Hearing impairment

Garia Sathi – Where are we?

Sathi Garia is located in the southern zone of Kolkata, India, in a rental house with very humble infrastructure.

Garia Sathi – Our Technical & non Technical support

The society is running with technical experts such as psychologist, psychiatrist, physiotherapist, special educators for H.H, MR & OH, counselors, speech therapist & audiologist. There is also a staff who run the administration of the society efficiently.

Garia Sathi – Our Students

All our students are mostly young children, belonging to the BPL level. Currently, we are trying to help about 32 + children to overcome their respective challenges and get back to the so-called “Main-stream” of the society.

Special Project: Awareness Camps

Apart from our work at the institute, Garia Sathi organizes awareness camps in far flung villages to reach out to physically / mentally challenged children & adults who are unable to travel to our institute. These camps also build awareness in the immediate community and help people understand the needs and requirements of their challenged family member or neighbors.
Through the awareness camps, Garia Sathi aims to provide guidance and solution for a better life for the challenged people, enabling them to protect their self-esteem.

Extra Curricular Activities at Garia Sathi

? Garia Sathi organizes cultural programme every year performed by the students of the institute. Touching songs and dances performance by the children left the audience spellbound. In every programme we get moral cooperation from different type of celebrities who boost the morale of Garia Sathi and encourage the students and staff to continue these initiatives is future.
? We teach our students different type of Vocational training for their self-dependency.
? Garia Sathi took part in different types of fetes, and exhibited and sold articles made by the challenged children

? We celebrate Raksha bandhan utsab with our challenged children by interacting with children of normal schools.
? Every year we celebrate World Disabled day, on 3rd December. By holding rallies and Culture programmes.
? Garia Sathi arranges Excursions and picnics every year with the students and parents.
? For the moral development of the students we use the media of Drama Therapy and our students perform through out the year in different cultural festivals.

Garia Sathi – We need YOU to help US help THEM!

The founders at Garia Sathi have been digging deep into their personal pockets to help run a special institute for the challenged people – to give them a life full of dignity, filled with happiness and laughter. This cannot be sustained for long without your help and support. And it would be a great injustice on our part to let down those, whom we promised to help.

We are in dire need of funds.

Our immediate need is a larger place to house our institute, as the present house is unable to accommodate the number of children pouring in for help. Our main objective is to enable the needy and under-privileged children to overcome the disabilities that Mother Nature has thrust upon them. We, at Garia Sathi, need your support to provide that ray of hope and guidance to these children.
We would be ever grateful and appreciate your help in support for this noble cause.

For Garia Sathi

( Sumitra Ganguly)
Principal of the Institution

Action for Better Living and Environment (ABLE)

Action for Better Living and Environment (ABLE in acronym) – a non-profit, apolitical, non-sectarian, Non-Government Voluntary Development Organisation came in to existence way back in 1991 by a group of development sensitive committed local youths with the vision of self reliant caste and classless society based on equity, gender justice, compassion, free from hunger, starvation and exploitation; maintaining harmony between human living and surround environment for sustainable development in participatory manner.

ABLE’s mission is to bring about improved quality of life of poor, marginalized, downtrodden and vulnerable sections in neglected and un-served areas by facilitating people centered, eco-compatible, participatory, sustainable developmental process. It’s mission is achieved through the process of institution building, promoting human, physical and natural capitals, empowerment, micro studies, action research, information dissemination, training, awareness and grassroots interventions. Based at its registered office at Jangyachhak, Kendrapara, ABLE is operational in calamity prone, resource stressed coastal tract and tribal dominated districts of Orissa. Working for and with target people is the basic action ethics of ABLE.

Rural poor, Adivasi (Scheduled Tribes), Dalits (Scheduled caste) and other socio-economically weaker sections in general and women, children, landless labourers, marginal and small scale farmers are the main target groups of ABLE’s.

ABLE’s main areas of concern include – livelihood promotion, biodiversity conservation, natural resource management, health, women empowerment and eradication of child labour.

ABLE is governed by a nine member Executive Body under the leadership of the executive secretary – Mr. Sushil Parida having 25 years experience in development sectors. The members of the executive body are elected from the 11 members General Body of the organisation for two years. The Executive Body is accountable to the General Body which scrutinize, guide, advice and approve the formers activities, plan and transactions annually.

Presently ABLE has 4 permanent and 16 part time workers with more than 200 village level volunteers spreading over it’s operational areas. There are some trained volunteers who render their services voluntarily in case of need.

Society for Peoples Integrated Development

General information:
Full Name of organization Society for People’s Integrated Development
Acronym ( if applicable) SPID
Date of established 14 July, 2006
Nationality Indian
Legal status (including official registration number, where relevant) Regd. No. S-56110, under Society Registration act 1860
Postal address A3-52, Sector-16, Rohini, Delhi-110085
Visiting address 128, Nirman Mazdoor Awas Sthal, Haiderpur, Delhi-88
Website N.A.
Person responsible for this project Mr. Arjun Singh, Dr. Umashankar Prasad
Contact person for this project Mr. Arjun Singh, Dr. Umashankar Prasad
Telephone Number 09958821468, 09911761399,
Fax Number N.A.
E-mail address,

Type of Organization Grassroots organization
Main objectives of the organization Society for People’s Integrated Development (SPID) is non-profit NGO. It has been registered under Society Registration Act 1860 at Registrar of Societies, Govt. NCT, Delhi. Our Society feels a degradation of Health system and Education especially in the sector of Women and girls. There is a dire need to improve this degradation for women empowerment and children
We are committed to work for women empowerment and girls on health issues and educations in a democratic process. Our aim is to help, assist, contribute, coordinate, welfare activities connected with health, education, culture, research and upliftment of all the people of long term goal of the society about the shortcomings of the current development practices.

Bank details
Bank account Name Society for People’s Integrated Development
Bank account Number 201/103287
IFSC No. Synb0009021
Bank Name Syndicate Bank
Bank address Village- Haiderpur, Delhi-110088
Name of signatory/ies Mr. Arjun Singh,Dr. Umashankar Prasad
Position of signatory/ies Jointly

Sarba Dharma Samanwaya SS Nilapadma Ashram

At – Bhalunka
Po- Ramdaspur (Godisahi)
Dist – Cuttack
Areas of Activities:
1. Innovative education for all with first focus on Tribal community
2. solution for health problems through alternate medicines focusing on Poor and unprovillaged people first.
3. Environmental Protection
4. Propagate communal harmony through spiritual means.

Shri Durga Mahila Mandal (SDMM)

Village & P.O. Ghanauli,
District Roopnagar (Punjab)
Shri Durga Mahila Mandal (SDMM)
Profile of SDMM NGO
A) About the NGO
1 (a) Name of the Organization Shri Durga Mahila Mandal (SDMM)
(b) No. & Date of Registration
Registration No. 1686 / 2005-06
Date of Registration 1-9-2005
(c) Complete Postal Address
Phone No. Registered Office
Vill. & P.O. Ghanauli, (PIN- 140113)
District Roopnagar, Punjab
Project Office
Vill. & P.O. Dher, (PIN- 140133)
District Roopnagar, Punjab
(d) Phone No. 09478389651, 09463288821
(f) E-mail address,,,

2 List of governing Board / Executive Member as per Annexure I Enclosed as per Annexure I
3 Name of key functionary with designation, bio data address & phone no. (including mobile no. if any) Name : Mrs. Sunita Bawa
Designation; Member Secretary
Biodata : Enclosed
Add .Vill. & P.O. Ghanauli, (PIN- 140113)
District Roopnagar, Punjab
Phone No. 09478389651, 09463288821
4 Activities of the organization during the last 3 years i.e. years 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 as per Annexure-II Enclosed as per Annexure II
5. Present value of assets as per latest balance sheet Rs. 27,000-00
6 Details of grant in aid from SOSVA(N) during the last 3 years, if any No Grant availed from SOSVA (N) yet
7 (a) Whether at present implementing any project with grant from Central Govt. / State Govt. or any other Organization including International organization Yes
(b) If so, details as per Annexure-IV Enclosed as per Annexure IV
8 Whether the organization has been blacklisted by Central or State Govt. or any other Organization No
9. Strengths of the NGO

The NGO SDMM working on various programs since January 2005 in various sectors. The NGO has its field office equipped with all necessary infrastructure required for running a project. We have also a good rapport with the population of the proposed project area.

Switch ON (Environment Conservation Society)

Switch ON (Environment Conservation Society)
1A, D. L. Khan Road,
Kolkata – 700 027.

Switch ON (Environment Conservation Society) has a strong mission to Promote Livelihoods through Sustainable Development. Our strength is in creative advocacy and implementation – through capacity building, training and awareness programs.

Switch ON is a registered not-for-profit Society, certified under FCRA and 80G. In the past we have done projects with GIZ, Halloran Philantorphy, ETC foundation, WWF, Times of India etc.

swa-roop wardhinee

22/1, Mangalwar Peth, Parge Chowk, Barne Road
Pune – 411011
Contact: 020-26121704

We are dedicated for enrichment of latent qualities of young, intelligent and capable students from the unprivileged and economically weak section of our society without any discretion of caste, color & creed and making them into social assets.
We organize various activities and projects to improve social, cultural, educational, physical and economical standards of Indian citizens


ADHAR is a not-for-profit, non-political, secular and registered organization which has been working relentlessly since last two decades to ensure holistic development of underprivileged children of poorest region of India by empowering them including their families and communities. We emphasizes on action research, creation of replicable development model and evidence based advocacy that salvage children from abject poverty, protect them from abuse, exploitation & carelessness; and ensure their access to health care, nourishment, quality education and a favourable environment to grow.

A just and equitable society where every child has a protected and dignified life which provide children with choices, shape their own destination and ascertain their rights.

Facilitating and augmenting child centric community development initiative through action research and partnership with relevant stakeholders in order to empower underprivileged children, their families and community for ensuring social justice and equity.

Behind Civil Court,
P.O./Dist. Bolangir, Odisha, PIN 767001
Phone: +91 6652 231086

Interfaith Community Services, Inc.

Interfaith Community Services, Inc., 550 W Washington Ave, Escondido, CA 92025 760-489-6380 (formerly known as North County Interfaith Council, Inc. at the same address)

Interfaith Community Services, Inc., is a non-profit social services agency that partners with over 400 diverse faith communities in North San Diego County, California. Interfaith was formed in 1979 by a small group of local faith communities that wanted to pool their resources to better serve the needs of the homeless and near homeless in our communities.

From it’s beginning, Interfaith has developed a unique, comprehensive system of services that helped people in extreme need to stabilize their lives, and then progress to their highest level of self-sufficiency.

All of Interfaith’s programs are designed to help people help themselves — to offer a hand up, not a handout. Many thousands of lives have been changed for the better, and many lives saved, through the collective efforts of Interfaith and our community over the last 30+ years.