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Azim Premji Foundation

By on March 29, 2009

azim prekji foundationAbout Azim Premji Foundation

Azim Premji Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a vision to “Significantly contribute to achieving quality universal education to facilitate a just, equitable and humane society”. Operational since 2001, over 250 professionals and 1100 paid volunteers are engaged in realizing this vision in elementary education in India. The Foundation is currently engaged with over 14,000 schools (2.5 Mln children and 35000 teachers) in partnership with 13 Indian States.

Azim Premji Foundation has a three pronged strategy viz:
• Intervention: To engage with schools & other bodies to understand and impact elementary-level systemic change.
• Network: To build an eco-system of those who desire change, to work together.
• Advocacy: To provide a radical stimulus to influence the education system.


• Focus on “quality of education in rural government schools”
• In-depth research and impact assessment
• Develop “Proof of concept”, integrate in larger system and withdraw after quality sustenance
• Use experiences for effective advocacy to influence key systems and policies
• An implementing agency – not a project funding organization

When over 90% of elementary education in the country happens in government schools (especially in the 600,000 villages across the country) there is no way anyone can impact education without actively and constructively working with the Government

Learning Guarantee Programme
Over 70 percent of Government Primary/ Higher Primary schools out of the 9500 schools in the 7 districts of North East Karnataka have applied to participate in this programme. The Learning Guarantee Programme was launched on 23rd November by Mr. Azim Premji, Chairman Wipro Corporation at a public function in Gulbarga The Learning Guarantee Programme is designed to identify schools that demonstrate “Guarantee of Learning”, analyze the success factors and communicate these to other schools.

Technology Initiatives
Computer Assisted Learning
The pilot project with 34 Computer assisted learning centres (CALCs) was set-up in Bangalore and surrounding rural areas. It aimed at measuring the impact of computers in attracting out-of-school children to school, and the improvement in learning levels among children in their regular academic work.

Educational Software
There have been numerous efforts to universalise elementary education in the country over the past several years. In the recent past, Governments have been investing pubic funds into use of computers as part of their efforts to universalise elementary education. These are largely seen as initiatives focused on improving quality of learning in schools. Some of these initiatives involving computers have also focused on IT education to help children to build IT skills as part of their overall skill sets.

Education Departments across various states in India have an MIS system. Azim Premji Foundation efforts are towards strengthening the MIS and making it user friendly.

Policy Planning Unit
The Government of Karnataka and Azim Premji Foundation have set up a Policy Planning Unit (PPU), as a joint initiative, as a part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government of Karnataka and Azim Premji Foundation

Community Learning Centre
The Community Learning Centre idea was born in response to the felt-need of the people in rural Karnataka. The pilot project was aimed at measuring the impact of computers in attracting out-of-school children to school, and the improvement in learning levels among children in their regular academic work.

It has also chosen to partner with some of the organisations that have a similar passion and dedication. While choosing to partner with any organisation or institution, the criteria given below are followed:
• Formal involvement of the Government
• Free from any religious, communal and political overtones
• Focus on improving learning levels while working within the school
• Transparency, sincerity, passion and sharing of information
• High quality processes related to deciding objectives / outcomes, establishing base lines, openness to external evaluation, making a tangible impact on the education in the given area
• Strategy of withdrawing within a reasonable time frame after achieving sustenance for integration into the larger system
• In all the above villages / schools, enabling the schools to guarantee learning will be the focus of the Foundation.

MOU between Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and Azim Premji Foundation
MOU between Govt. of Karnataka and Azim Premji Foundation

Wipro Applying Thought in Schools
This is Wipro Corporation’s initiative to contribute towards improving Indian education. We work with a network of over 25 social organisations across the country, and offer long-term developmental programs to teachers, principals and schools. Till date, we have engaged deeply with over 8,000 educators and 900 schools across 17 states of India.

Summary of Key Initiatives:

1. Learning Guarantee Program
The aim is to transform classroom practices from current rote learning to facilitate learning that promotes comprehension and application by appropriate assessment of children in Government schools. The program is expected to:
1. build accountability among schools and education functionaries
2. assist state Governments to address the issue of examination reform
The assessment methodology of the program has been adopted by the Government of Karnataka to be upscaled in over 45,000 government schools across the state. The program is also being piloted across 4 other states.

2. Technology Initiatives
Leverage technology for various stakeholders to facilitate quality universal education. Current focus is in three areas:
1. Multi media pedagogical learning supplement for Computer Aided Learning that is child centric, interactive, self paced and in local language.
2. Education management information system (EMIS) to build, access and use accurate data for superior education management.
3. Local content development by children to nurture creativity and learning using technology

3. Child Friendly School
This initiative is an experiment to demonstrate comprehensive and sustainable quality of education in all schools across identified geography. The initiative is in partnership with State Governments and UNICEF and will be implemented by the schools, communities, and Government functionaries facilitated by the Foundation team. The experiment aims at creating physically safe, hygienically clean and emotionally secure learning environment in identified schools.

4. Education Management
Partner with the Government in improving the education delivery system and building capacity across the Government organisation through structuring & training.

Contact Us

Azim Premji Foundation
Head – Advocacy and Communication
Azim Premji Foundation
134 Doddakannelli
Next to Wipro Corporate Office
Sarjapur Road
Bangalore – 560035
Phone : 80 – 55144900/01/02
Fax : 80 – 55144903

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  2. Savita YN

    March 7, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    I liked very much the foundation work and the way its making road to sustain education system.

    Hat sup to Ajim Premji Foundation. If I want work with this initiatives with voluntary what are the process. Please give me this information.


    October 28, 2010 at 11:04 am


  4. sarita

    November 16, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    I am an educator and have worked with progressive schools which focus on community/learning by doing learning

    I have recently moved to mumbai and am looking for something worthwhile…if there is anyway I can help …please do reply

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