List of Foundations providing Grants and Funding Support to NGOs

American Jewish World Service
Ananda Foundation

Asia Foundation

Baxter International Foundation supports NGOs for …

Bernard van Leer Foundation funds Child Developmen…

Better World Together Foundation

Blaustein Philanthropic Group

CAFOD support for Capacity-building of NGOs

Channel Foundation: Grants for Women’s Rights

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

Conservation, Food and Health Foundation

David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation

First Hand Foundation

Ford Foundation

Freudenberg Foundation

Fund for Global Human Rights

Gates Foundation: One of the Biggest Donor for the…

Global Fund for Children

Global Fund for Women: Flexible Grants for NGOs

Global Greengrants Fund

Grassroots International

Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation

ICCO: Partnering with NGOs on Health and Education…

Intel Corporation

Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust funds NGOs in South Africa

John Merck Foundation

KIOS – A Human Rights Foundation in Finland

King Baudouin Foundation: Giving Grants for NGOs

Lemelson Foundation

Libra Foundation


MacArthur Foundation

Mama Cash

Merill Lynch

Monsanto Foundation

Morton K. and Jane Blaustein Foundation

New World Foundation supporting Activists and Organizations

Norwegian Human Rights Fund

Onaway Trust

One Woman Initiative

Open Society Institute

Packard Foundation gives Grants to NGOs

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Peace and Development Fund

Peacock Foundation

Presbyterian Hunger Program

Rabobank Foundation

Rockfeller Brothers Fund

Rockfeller Foundation

Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Sigrid Rausing Trust

Sir Halley Steward Trust

Starbucks Social Entrepreneurs Fund

Surdna Foundation

Taiwan Foundation for Democracy

Toyota Foundation

Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

United States Institute of Peace

Western Union Foundation

WINGS Global Fund for Community Foundations

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

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  1. Dear sir,
    Please provide details grant and projects guidelines.
    Subash rai
    Kashyap Divya Jyoti Sewa Society
    (uttar pradesh)
    Pin code-231208
    Mobil no-9450320705,8858591650

  2. A project of Teresa Care Foundation is running in a very poor christian village.
    Many helpless senior citizens & disables are living in a nursing home care centre . Plz help them for food , clothing , mediciens and other facilities of life. Reply soon.

    1.Title of the Project : Construction of a pre school Education centres and child
    development for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

    2.Name of the applicant : K.J.M.Swarnalatha

    3)Telephone no :+918814222878
    4)Legal holder : Rural devolopment social service society of jangareddygudem
    5)PROJECT HOLDER EXPERIANCE: Experience in social work in different Organizations: As a member of National Society Service participated in different Calamity relief activities ,through length and breadth of the state .As a member of National cadet crops participated in serving destitute in the missionaries of Charity home.
    Participated in school service ,awareness development leadership qualities developing camps in rural area conducted by the diocesan social service centre ,besides advisor member of various youth and social service association of the area .Being the member of all Indian federation of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes ,Backwards and minorities welfare association worked for improvement of slum areas and literacy development programmes .As a member of all India catholic universities federation participated in school and health awareness development programmes working as the vice -president of the multipurpose, mutiually aided co-operation society which has been established for the development of the downtrodden people and the district unit of the all India SC,ST rights protection service striving of the protection of rights of the most deprived sections of the society.

    6)Purpose of the project : Jangareddygudem mandal is one of the west godavary district ,it is population is 57257,this area falls under 10revenue villages. the total area of the mandal is 196sq.kms,there are 22 villages the literacy rate of this area is 48.21% out of the total males only44.63% of males are employed seasonal employment prevails.1.3% of them are marginal workers,53.66% of the total population are unemployed who came under non-productive category, The sustenance is derived from Agriculture 88.5% of the total area is cultivated .Out of which only 43.45% is irrigated. Community health care provided by the government could cover only 50% of the mandal population .Postal &Telegraph facilities could serve only 35% communication network is not in adequate level. Only 65% can enjoy this facility only 35% of the area is approached by the road.
    The programmes are typically conducted within the space of our foundation where we have set up learning centres. The foundation is located in vicinity of construction sites. The children come from extremely low income backgrounds and do not have any access to any schooling facility .
    Our staff is mobilized and teacher training is facilitated and the regular programmes is monitored All the beginning of every academic year, we undertake a survey of local construction sites and some basic questions are asked,
    1)Does the child have pre-school experience?
    2)Does the child go to school?
    3)Does the child know reading, writing and arithmetic?
    4)Do the children have access to books and study material?
    The parents of these children at each construction site are counselled to send their to our study centre ,The aim is to increase the enrolment and learning levels of these children. WE AIM TO BUILD SCHOOL ,emotional, motor ,cognitive skills of the pre-schoolers also help tackle the problems of retention and achievement at a nascent change stage since most of the parents are illiterate and totally unable to help children in early childhood education. If the children attend pre-school ,then there is a significantly higher chance that they will continue in to primary schools and will have a better set of school readiness skills.
    Our flagship programme helps to improve reading, writing and basic arithmetic skills of children in the age group of 3 to 14 years .By the end of our intervention we aim to target our children depending on each level to know basic alphabets, numbers, colours shapes textures ,read simple words ,do simple sums read simple texts and solve arithmetic problems. Our subjects include-language Development (English &Hindi) Mathematics ,Environmental sciences, life skills, Montessori practical’s in sensorial-practical life-phonetics ,language building ,Numeric, Botany Zoology& Geography ,Art& craft ,Leisure &Play-Way activities.
    Our target for this year (2012-2013)is to further support and positively impact the lives of 200 children ,Our education programmes are divided in to 4 levels –Pre Nursery, Nursery, KG, & functional literacy
    To Further Elaborate on the matter above, the funds are used for (but not limited to)
    1)Educational aids (Montessori and regular teaching aids)
    2)Text books, Picture books ,Note books ,drawing books
    3)Stationary materials and craft kits
    4)CDs ,display boards ,black boards and visual teaching aids
    5)Other relevant educational material
    6)Curricular development.

    7)Location of the project :List of the villages enclosed (map identifying the villages)
    General description of the area where the project will be located
    a)Number of habitations :30
    b)Physical features of the project area;
    Andhra Pradesh is one of the 26 states in India .it is constituted of 3 regons namely coastal Andhra T,elangana and Rayalaseema .Among these 3regions the most backward one is West godavary, covering the 4 districts of Vijayanagaram,Visakhapatnam& Eastgodavary region is a dry area,80% of the people are depending on agriculture under rainfed crops. The major crops in these area are groundnut, turmeric, paddy ,vegetables etc. Due to frequent drought small and marginal farmers are facing lot of humiliation and economic stringencies in their daily lives .People are hardly employed 4or5 months in a year .Rest of the period. Their livelihood depends upon the mercy of hardly from whom people avail loan or grain and work of cheaper wage during busy season .Hence their economic condition remains poor since generation.
    8)Present situation: For W.G.Dt district the year 1996 is its first experience with north east mansoon has proved to be harrowing. The trial of destruction and misery the four day spell of incessant rains triggered by a depression in the bay of Bengal had a few parallels ,conjuring up of the 1977 disaster caused by huge tidal waves .the tragedy took place on 18th oct,96 at 11pm. For these days from 17th to 19th district has received rain of 88mm as against the nominal rainfall of 122mm for the entire month. Apart from there was huge inflow of water around 80000 cusec in to Tammileru reservoir and more than 1.5lakhs cusecs into the lower Godavari river. Apart from these the district has received heavy rain during rainy season from June 1996 which are much more than the average rain fall received for the past number of years. On account excessive amount of water collect in our major agricultural tanks, breeched emptying large amount of the water into the Yerracalava dam. Intern yerracalava dam also treated creating widespread havoc all along its path. Added to that the other major river in the area Pena river also was overflowing. The loss of life is minimal as people climbed up the nearest hills or the nearest places for safety.
    Andhra it is unheard of in up land area. The West godavary district did not experience such havoc in the living memory. There were four districts affected by these floods and W.g.Dt became the most affected involving loss of crops ,fields .houses .lives and livestock. Due to the havoc people are rendered houseless. The homeless people moved to the other villages at the time and no scope for them to return back. They have no roof ,no walls to shelter them .Winter has in, children aged people and the lactating and expectant women are in the grief of cold wheather ,Hence providing shelter is dire need.
    Creating Educational facilities to the castes ,who are socially and economically downtrodden people from VI standard to XII standard in both media that is one in native tongue(Telugu) another in English medium..
    Removal of illiteracy of the adults between 15-50 yrs
    Re admitting of dropouts from school between the age group of 6*14yrs.
    Emancipation of women, who are backward due to superstition ,religious dogmatism ,through strengthening of self help groups ,developing community health programs ,make them aware of self the importance of scientific temper, Creating facilities for Pre-natal and post-natal care in order to bring down maternal rate mortality rate and infantile mortality rate.
    10)SOCIO ECONOMIC CONDITION: The people in this area are stratified into different groups called castes, Initially these were classified on the basis of colour ,later the classification has been ascribed to this to the decline sanction .Among the four strata fourth one is treated tower ,People born in to this stratum can never change their status since this not the achieved one ,the last one –fifth stratum gradually appeared through the contraries ,and the people born in to this category would enjoy status below the animals. The people of upper strata would even touch the animals .But if their people accidentally touch the people of the fifth strata who are otherwise called as untouchables would pollute them, They have to undergo perfunctory rites to clear the pollution .Not with standing the positive discrimination provided by the constitution. The position of this stratum remain the lowest ,Due to widespread corruption, nepotism and graft.

    11) SOME OTHER BENEFITS FROM EDUCATION: According to Amartya Sen, By 2015 I am award that when I argue that basic education for all can transform the miserable world in which we live education has intrinsic importance, the capability to read and write can deeply influence once quality of life .Also an educated population can make better use of democratic opportunities than an illiterate one, further an ability to read documents and legal provisions can help subjugated women and other approved group make use of their rights and demand more fairness .And female literacy can enhance women voice in family affairs and reduce inequality in other fields, Women empowerment through literacy tends to reduce child mortality and very significantly decrease fertility rates.
    11)SIGNFICANT CHANGES:1)To improve economical conditions of the poor children
    2)Providing employment opportunities to the educated persons who fall
    below poverty line

    12)ADMINISTRATION :1)Proposal for opening of new primary school in school-less centres

    2)Proposal for Up-gradation of primary schools in to Upper-primary schools.
    3) Proposals for Up- gradation of upper primary schools in to secondary schools
    and senior-secondary schools

    4) Proposal construction of library
    5) Proposal for construction of protected water supply scheme.
    6) Preparing and submitting the correct member statements budget estimates and
    revised estimates.

    The village committee will meet once in a month to discuss and decide the proress of the project .All the people in the village will have the freedom to express their views.Final decision will be made by the village committee.
    AMOUNT REQUIRED FROM DONOR AGENCY:Rs25,00,000/-(Rs Twenty five laths only)
    Construction of Pre-Education center building:Rs1000000/-
    Construction of secondary school Rs500000/-
    Site levelling& Providing play ground :Rs 200000/-
    Construction of Compoud wall,
    Library room ,Installing of computer systemsetc:Rs800000/-

    Thanking you sir,
    Yours sincerely.

  4. Mobile No. +918626028588, 9373525751
    Slogan: – When one school is opened, one Jail is closed; One Balbhavan is opened; One Slum become’s an “IDEAL SLUM”
    ? Survey of Slum
    ? Count the Estimated Slum Children from the slum area
    ? Send children to school daily on school days
    ? Bring the Slum Children to Balbhavan for Night Study from 6 pm to 9 pm (Daily)
    ? Take studies & activities of children from 6pm to 9pm
    ? Provide Nutrition to slum children after Night Studies
    ? Teach children other activities like dance, sports & delivering speech
    ? Rejoin dropout children to school
    ? Establish Self Help Group in Slum for women
    ? Counseling of disorder slum children on Behavior Change & Educational
    ? Counseling of women on de_addiction, Behavior Change & Family Problem/ Planning
    ? Provide Medical aid & weekly OPD to community & make arrangement of patient in other hospital
    ? Work for Govt. related work in govt. office (e.g. Ration Card, Birth Certificate, Caste Certificate etc.)
    ? Provide training to women on self dependent course for daily living
    ? Arrange teenager girls program on every Sunday (guest lecture & Doctors lecture)
    ? Arrange educational visits & exposure visits for slum children
    ? Celebrate all feast & festival
    ? Develop awareness and capability in children & women
    Savitribai Mahila Shaikshanik, Samajik, Sansktutik Sansta was established in 2006 for the under poverty class children & women. While working with them we met lots of inconvenient problems of the people and we tried to solve the problems. As days passed away we came in contact with school not going children (School Dropouts & never gone to School ) at Vadner gate Dhumala and when we came to know that children are not interested in going to school we came to a decision that we should start night studies classes in a playing form & children interest at Vadner gate Dhumala and we took a shop on rent and started playing with the children and by the way we made them to understand the important of education through play & study. This was the first birth of Balbhavan i.e. Dyandeep Balbhavan. Children started coming to Dyandeep Balbhavan from 6pm to 9pm for studies and the routine of the children started from 2011. In 2012 we had a survey of Rokdobawadi Slum and in Dec we completed the survey and started the Oorja Balbhavan in that slum. People may call it as a “SLUM” but we call it as a “SERVICE AREA” of mankind which is the duty of every Human towards god. Now the routine of children of Rokdobawadi Service Area (Slum) is from 6pm to 9pm & children come for studies at the Oorja (Power) Balbhavan and the estimated nos of children is about 357, but 78 nos of children are in contact for night studies, we make the children to sit under the street light of Rokdobawadi and take their studies near Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar statue. Teachers are to solve their study problems. The other children are been trying to get in Oorja Balbhavan for studies. We take health check-up camps for the people of that particular area, we conduct weekly free OPD in the area, we are trying to create awareness for communal harmony, good health & de_addiction value of the people, teaching of cleanliness in slum & protest of child marriage. Special teenager girls programs are conducted on holidays so that they can understand the real meaning of the life. Dance, Drawing, Mendhi & Soft Toys making classes are arranged for teenage girls and Women. Women are also given courses of Stitching & Tailoring, Beauty Parlor, Cooking & Masala (Spices) preparing so that they can earn a little to handle their family or can support the total family with their earning. Balbhavan is a New Family with New Hope to distress Children & Women. Balbhavan is a social change for children & women living in the slums & Balbhavan will be the Unique Model for the living people. Pls help our NGO to work more in more slum of Nashik District.
    Mobile No. +918626028588, 9373525751

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to inform you that our Foundation facing problems due to lake of Funds, Our Foundation is working for children,women and other activity. Our goal is to give people good health,good teaching to childrens,good food and mentain poor houses and give him what ever we can. Its a request to you to accomodate what ever you can.
    kindly help us to aware the people to serve them.
    A short introduction of our Foundation,

    kushhali Foundation at a glance:
    Khushhali Foundation started its developmental journey from a small initiative, launched in 2008 by a group of five social activists led by Mr. Muhammad Taimoor in Palijani of Matiari District. Concerned about depleting sources of livelihood and employment, increasing poverty and social deprivation in rural Sindh and propelled by its own vision of sustainable, equitable and just society, Khushhali Foundation initiated a process of social mobilization in District Matiari and it’s outskirts initially. It was apparent at the time that there will be no effective grass roots development and real improvement in the living standards of the poor, without an integrated development initiative focused accordingly from different aspects. From beginning social mobilization has been a key aspect of Khushali foundation’s development strategy. Khushhali Foundation started its activities with an objective to facilitate peoples’ participation in development on self help basis; and facilitating to build institutional infrastructure in their villages to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

    Objectives of Khushhali Foundation:
    1. Promote Education.
    2. Women & Child welfare.
    3. Health programs.
    4. Awareness programs.
    5.Flood Disasters

    Much more to do for the upliftment of the ultra poor and for that we need support & help from the International organisations, donar agencies and social communities to pour in Donations to get things done in a proper and systematic way in order to attain the aforesaid objectives. If you haven’t donated already, please consider sending a cash or in-kind donation. (see details below)
    If you know someone in a bank or corporation with a corporate social responsibility section, please let us know if you’d like to help us approach them for help
    If you have friends in a school administration, perhaps they can be persuaded to do a drive for in-kind support.
    Continue to speak to your friends and family and encourage them to donate. Forward them this email!

    Please mention that Khushali Foundation is PCP certified and is approved by the income tax department for tax exempt donations.

  6. We are a young NGO living in Benin Republic and we need support to work well in domains we have chosen that are:Good governance,Democracy, Development,Gender.We will be garateful and worthy of your eventual supports.Tel +22997328579.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,
    MSS NGO (Mohatadevi Sevabhavi Sanstha) is a non Government organization Reg. under society registration act-1860,public trust act-1950 & FCRA Act-2010.MSS NGO is working in rural area of Beed District in Aurngabad region of Maharashtra-INDIA. We are working in a rural & tribal area, beneficiary for rural people (BPL),women SHG’s, rural student those who can’t afford educational fees. We are providing them good Residential school for sugarcane cutter labors children in Beed District. Free education with no fees or minimum fees. We also conducted Agriculture base training programme tree plantation under environment programme etc.
    At present our trust having 2 acres of land for the following purpose-
    Construction of Residential School, training centre, Play ground, Hostel for needy children’s.
    Emergency Assistance for Maharashtra’s Drought affected:
    Maharashtra’s 15 districts – over 6000 villages & towns, that is over 10 Lakh people are worse hit by no rains situation. It is the severemost drought since 1972. Rather than getting into the reasons of such a crisis or pinning the responsibility of it on some Govts, it is time that we all stand together to offer our helping hand. What we plan & have started in a small way is that: emergency need our Organization to set up an domestic animals encampment in wadwani Block. There are 5 thousand animal benefit in this encampment that is providing fodder & oil –cake . So if any support possible through our NGO. So please cooperate as.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully
    Contact Person-
    Mr.Keshav Andhale President of
    At.Pimpla (Rui) Post.Chikalbeed Tal.Wadwani
    Dist.Beed (431122) State-Maharashta-INDIA
    Contact No.:09921721521

  8. Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are a young Network association working in the area of youth reproductive health in Ethiopia. Our name is Andinet Addis Hiwot Leraiyi Reproductive Health Network and it is a set up of three associations working on Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health (AYRH) in Ethiopia. This network was formed in 2012 with the support of Consortium of Reproductive Health Association in Ethiopia as an advocacy network of three AYRH associations that share a common vision about improving the reproductive health profiles of adolescent and youth in Oromia region of Ethiopia.
    We will provide you further information if there is possibility of creating relationship with you. Thank you in advance for considering our request.
    With best regards,
    Inku Fasil
    Board Chair Man
    Andinet Addis Hiwot Leraiyi Reproductive Health Network

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    Mortgage Loans. ETC, Loans with 2% interest rate offer, from 1 to 70 years
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    1. FULL NAME:
    2. ADDRESS:
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    Contact Via Email:
    Kindly Regards

  10. we are running our ngo since 12 years in andhrapraesh ,india.we worked on child education
    women empowerment and income genertating activitys
    now we need financial support fir our organization…so please support us…
    Women NGO

  11. we are running our ngo since 12 years in andhrapraesh ,india.we worked on child education
    women empowerment and income genertating activitys
    now we need financial support fir our organization…so please support us…
    Women NGO

    Hello first and foremost we are greeting you in Jesus name, we hope you are fine same applies to us .
    we are from Kenya a community called the Ogiek, this community of ours are very marginalized and minority group of people, our homeland is the forest but we are now found on the road side since we were moved out of the forest in 1995 upto now we are left hanging on the road side, our Government does not even look upon us so were really undergoing several problems like lack of food, education landless and all our property was destroyed.
    Inspite of all this problems we thank the lord for rescuing us and now we have manage to have changed the souls and lives of several people to know God. We have several churches almost every place where this community is based even though we do not prayer houses we worship under a tree.
    We now praise and say thanks to God for helping us find you in the website.we fill and pray that you will be our rescuer .if you will help us even the few you can and we fill that the lord will bless you abundantly. The following are the problems we are undergoing and please kindly help us the few or many you can, We welcome you to make a visit to see us and be assured of this.
    • prayer
    • Education/ plot for school building
    • Food
    • land
    • Clothing
    • Church building
    • Church instruments
    • Bible (English and Kiswahili)
    • Bible study guides,magazine and tracts
    We hope the lord is going to bless you so much, please send this request to someone else who is responsible and ready to help.
    Thanks in advance
    Yours faithfully ,
    p.o box 148 ,
    lessos. Kenya

  13. would you like to give us the details of the work you are doing for the people those who need you with photo graphs so we can discuss later

  14. Dear Sir/madam,

    Sub: Request to furnish the guideline and the application form to apply for grant

    RSWS is a charitable, non-governmental voluntary registered organization Registered under Society Registration Act.XXI of 1860, dated on 20th January 2003.

    We are involved in socio-economic upliftment of the rural poor who are below the poverty line people in the mandal of peddapanjanni and palamaner mandal in chittoor District.

    Our programme are aimed at family Welfare Programme, Children Welfare, Women’s Development, Health, Education, Agriculture, Adult Education, Vocational Training for women and youth, Youth Leader Training, Cultural programme, Sports, To provide education Training and Rehabilitation of the Disabled, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Environment and community rural and urban development etc., I therefore request you to support our projects in serving the needy of the people in the rural areas.

    Kindly send us your news letter and other information about your agency.

    Anticipating your early reply,

    Yours sincerely,
    J.Jones Subash
    Chittoor-517 001.
    Andhra Pradesh
    South India

    Mobile No: 91 00 9849975346

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