Bastar Sevak Mandal

Bastar Sewak Mandal
Catholic Church, Lalbagh,
Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, India

Empowerment of marginalized society especially tribal.


Integrated Development and restoration of human dignity of poor tribal of Bastar division by 2020 AD.


•Promotion of preventive and curative health care.

•Utilization of Natural Resources management i.e., Forest, land, Water for Sustainable livelihood.

Promotion of Education.

•Strengthening of Local Governance and Promotion of SHGs.

Key Issues of development:

?High incidence of Malaria, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Diarrhea ect.
?Low level of Sanitation and High vulnerability for Epidemic.
?Low level of awareness regarding HIV / AIDS and Human Trafficking.

?High rate of drop outs and Very less attendance of children.
?Low level of girl education.
?Irregularity and insufficient teachers.

3.Sustainable Livelihood:
?Low on-farm and off production and inadequate marketing network.
?No sustainable source of income.
?Poor Natural Resources management
?No Social activists or catalyst
?Lack of infrastructure and inadequate access to government facilities.
4 Local Governance:
?Low level of awareness of PRI members regarding their rights and responsibilities.
?Corruption and red tapism.
?Inadequate information disseminations of different schemes and facilities of the government.
4.Drought and Emergency situation:
?Mass migration due to lack of alternative source of income.
?Recurring Drought / Flood / Any other problems leading to crop failure.
5.Basic Human Rights,justice and peace related Issues and problems.
6.Gender and women related issues.

Experience of the organization:

The organization has ample experience in multi-sector development programmes.
?Sustainable livelihood through Natural Resource Management programmes like Watershed, Wadi, Livelihood and Economic Enhancement Programme, Village Development Programmes, Grain bank, Seed bank ,Linkage and Advocacy etc.
?Health and sanitation related programmes like Malaria, Reproductive Child Health, TB and Leprocy, HIV/AIDS awareness and Human Trafficking etc.
?Education related programme like Quality education in Formal and Non formal sector, Bridge course ,Summer camp, Balpanchayat, Child education etc.
?Strengthening Local Governance programmes like Formation of Community Based Organizations, Formation of krusak clubs, Promotion of Self Help Groups, Animation, Training on Panchayati Raj for PRI Members etc.
?Publications,BSM has published few books for useful reference among them Reference book on HIV/AIDS, Reference book on Anti human Trafficking and Teachers and students reference book for out reach Education are of more importance.
?Activity in Emergency Situation like Emergency Flood Relief Programme.

Our Network:

?Shiksha Kiran, NGO Forum of Chhattisgarh.
?MPSSS , NGO Forum of Madhya Pradesh
?CGSSS, NGO Forum of Chhattisgarh
?Mother NGO Consultancy Network
?SMS, Nakti Semera, Jagdalpur
?VCA, Dantewada
?BDKS, Jagdalpur
?SEBA, Jagdalpur
?DBS, Jagdalpur
?Shanti Service Society, Kanker

Our Supporting Agencies:

?Catholic Relief Service (CRS)
?CARITAS Germany
?Christian Children Fund (CCF)
?Development Focus, Bangalore