Community Action for Rural Development Society-CARDS

Community Action for Rural Development Society (CARDS) is a non-governmental, social service organisation formed by educated people of the deprived community. It is registered under societies Act,Reg.No.98/2003. Its development activities are centered around the downtrodden and oppressed people of backward villages in Gingee, Melmalaiyanur and Vallam Blocks of Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu.


An egalitarian just social order wherein the oppressed final equal opportunities for development to voice for their rights and act upon to achieve the same.


Sensitising the most disadvantaged and oppressed communities to provide opportunities for development, building awareness to realise their rights and enabling them to strive for the same.


CARDS’ development activities are centered around the backward villages of Gingee & Vallam Blocks of Villupuram District in Tamil Nadu.


Empowerment of the deprived and disadvantaged people for self reliance through non-formal and continuing education.


• Awareness Building
• Initiating & Strengthening People’s Organisations
• Linking People with Support and Resource Systems
• Social Advocacy
• Networking


CARDS recognise that each child has an inherent right to life. And the society has the duty towards the development of the child’s personality, talents and mental, physical abilities to their fullest potential. CARDS takes up community based initiatives for ensuring these rights. The activities include campaign for immunisation, enrollment campaign, supplementary education, child labour elimination and special care for children with disabilities.


CARDS excels other institutions by giving efficient Technical Education for the school dropouts, poor and needy young boys and girls. It has well versed resource personnel to teach the interested candidates on servicing house-hold electrical items and also audio and video equipment.
Every year about 20 to 25 boys benefit from this and become experts. This training helps the youth for self-employment and channalize them from going astray. It is taking steps sincerely to increase the number of beneficiaries in the years to come.


Women’s contribution for development form a major share but they have little resources to call their own. They are deprived and denied of their rights to life, development, protection and participation. CARDS is striving to get them organised into self help groups and provide a learning atmosphere so that they become aware of the root causes of deprivation and denial and take proactive role to secure their rights.


With small land holdings, the small and marginal farmers are faced with multitude of problems. The efforts to equip them with knowledge and skills on rotation of crops, multiple crops, water management and working out the feasibilities of cooperative farming are being taken up. Through non-formal & continuing education, they shall be trained to develop their management skills on regular and continuous basis.


CARDS have a sound cultural team comprising of 10 volunteers. The team goes to village to village for building awareness among the people on area-specific issues and problems through means of folk media. Depending on the issue prevailing in the project area, the cultural events are designed or updated. Water and sanitation, primary health care, importance of early childhood care and development, safe-motherhood, importance of education and prevention of disability are some of the areas being covered by the cultural team.


Most of the rural people are non-literates and unaware of the welfare measures meant for them. CARDS as a facilitating body, strives to link the disadvantaged people with services. The Persons with Disabilities, are linked up with District Rehabilitation Services, the aged get the supportive pensions, the widows and parents of low-caste people are assisted to avail educational sponsorship for their children, the small and marginal farmers are linked up with the Block Development Office for availing agricultural implements and subsidies in procuring seeds, saplings, fertilizers and pesticides, the young people are oriented about the possibilities of going in for higher education or vocational education.


CARDS profess the ideology that ‘people are the best resources for themselves’. In this context, it initiates the disadvantaged people to get organised and enables them to collectively strive for their development. CARDS identify and utilises the services of people who would work on voluntary basis. It also takes efforts to mobilise external support from individuals and organisations within and outside the country. So kindly send your recent Project guidelines, application to CARDS.

Thanking you for your kind action and fruitful cooperation in the further. I am looking forever to hearing from you soon. For further information and other details, please contact:

Yours Sincerely,

Community Action for Rural Development Society (CARDS)
68-D, Adhil Complex, Gandhi Bazaar
Gingee 604 202. Villupuram District
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
Email :
Mob: – +919894191571

Registered under societies Act, Reg.No.98/2003.

Microcredit: Why India is failing

in the K R Puram slum in Bangalore, India, a group of 15 women gather in a small, muggy living room. The electricity comes and goes, turning the fan and the single bare lightbulb on and off. Flies buzz around the room, and children run in and out.
The women have borrowed $330 and meet weekly to make repayments. The loans were meant to serve as capital for them to start small businesses and, eventually, lift themselves out of poverty. But the women say the loans haven’t turned into new income.
Sitting in a circle on the floor, some sound sad and others angry. One woman has started selling firewood, but others haven’t started businesses at all. Instead, they say, the money helped them pay for urgent expenses, such as their children’s school fees.
It’s a scene that’s repeated inside dark living rooms and on parched rooftops across India. Boosted by a government mandate to keep the startup funds flowing, lenders making these small, or microcredit, loans are dutifully throwing cash at shantytown borrowers.

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