Forum for African Women Educationalists,Swaziland Chapter,(FAWESWA)

FAWESWA ,P.O Box A380,Swazi Plaza,Mbabane ,Swaziland,Southern Africa.
FAWESWA is an NGO African NGO with a network of 35 countries in the African continent.
The aim of FAWESWA is to eliminate gender disparities between boys and girls in schools particurlarly access of girls to education ,good perfomance,and retaining them in school until they complete.
Currently FaWESWA is working on three major projects ie tranforming a school(Gucuka High School) into a Gender Responsive School-Centre of Excellence,Promoting Science,Mathematics and Technical SMT subjects for the bennefit of girls ,providing bursaries for girls that have been forced to drop out of school by circumstances including caring for sick parents due to HIV and AIDS related illnesses,poverty,caring for siblings after the death of parents etc,gender based violence lately human trafficking.

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  1. This sounds like amazing work FAWESWA is doing. I’m a Canadian currently doing volunteer work in South Africa but would be very interested in helping out if you are in need of volunteers.

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