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Genius Charitable Trust

By Biranchi Nayak on September 17, 2013

GENIUS CHRATABLE TRUST (G.C.T) is a one trust for the benefit of society for the purpose of rendering social by way of removing all social injustice and lifment of rural masses and also working in the field of Health Care and Education, Thus group of professionals from different educational and social background and came forward to materialize the collective effort for the welfare of the society as a whole.

Origin and legal status
The trust was established on 4th May 2009 and which was registered by the Sub-Registrar, Bhubaneswar vide Deed No. 7942 dated 11/05/2009 vide Regn. No. 698 under Indian Trust Act,

Aims and Objects of the Trust
The trust envisages a socio-Economic system based on equality, justice, co-operation and development of the citizen’s irrespective caste, creed race and religion, the trust aims to eradicate, poverty, hunger, illiteracy ill health prevailing among the weaker section, women, children labors, forest dwellers.
Areas of Action
• Education
• Community Health and Sanitation
• Urban slum development through education, health and awareness
• Sustainable SC/ST/OBC and Women development in urban/rural and tribal areas.
• Environment protection.
• Sustainable Agriculture development.
• Integrated rural development through intervention in basic development indicators.

Area of operation
• Urban slums in Bhubaneswar/Cuttack, the city of odisha.
• Trust to open a new organization called as DIVYARATNA INSTITUTE OF YOGA & LIFE SCIENCE, for well being and benefit of the down trodden people of the society as well as for the upliftment of physical exercise like Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy ect.
• In the coming years the trust targets to extend its operation to other parts of the district and state as well.
Plot No. 1227 At-Talagarda Po-Naraj (Mundali Colony),
Ps-Baraga, Dist-Cuttack, Odisha,
Branch Office
Divyaratna Institute of Yoga & Life Science
(A unit of G C Trust)
Plot No. C/1279, Sector-10, CDA, Cuttack, Odisha


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