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By Rev.P.devadanam on September 19, 2013

Greetings from Devadanam, India

This is an Evangelical and Interdenominational Christian Charitable Organization with a vision to ADHARANA with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and social service. Because of the cities have lot of Christian organizations, ministries and development we care only villages which are less evangelized and developed. Our motto is to do the Lord’s ministry and social service at villages.Our primary work is Village Evangelism & Church planting and our secondary work is social service.
My vision and commitment is to ADHARANA with Gospel of Jesus Christ and social service. With this vision, I have founded this

Ministries’ – Trust I believe that though my beginning is small, latter end would increase abundantly.
cial service at villages.Our primary work is Village Evangelism & Church planting and our secondary work is social service.

Our Ministries Village Evangelism & Church Planting
Children Ministry &Children Welfare
Village Pastors’ seminar & Co-ordinating & supporting village interdependent Pastors
Eradication of Infanticide

Other objectivesMissionary training centre
Educational Establishment
Vocational Training centre
Village development
Free medical clinic & mobile clinic
Aids awareness
Helping to disaster affected people

What can you do? How can you involve?

Our Ministries


“And Jesus went about all the cities and villages… preaching the gospel of the kingdom…” Mt :9:35

We are proclaiming the Gospel at the un-reached Villages and establishing village churches. we are currently working in nine Rural villages within two districts and have seven pastors. Because the need is so great we anticipate becoming involved in twenty villages and have ten pastors by the end of 2008 churches and we are conducting many house prayer cells at villages. If we have a van it will be so useful for our village outreach ministries.

Village Pastors’ Seminar & Coordinating and Supporting Village interdependent Pastors

We are organizing village Pastors’ seminar. Many village pastors are doing the Lord’s Ministry Independently by faith. Many village pastors have house churches. Many are in need of bicycles, scooters, monthly support and church building. We are coordinating, helping and encouraging village interdependent pastors and we would like to help them until they become self supported. There are different options or projects that can generate income to help support
Kindly pray for this and if God leads you and if you need more details we are so glad to send you more information.We welcome you and we will be so glad if you come and be as a guest at village pastors` seminar.

Children Ministry and Children Welfare

In many un-reached villages we are conducting Bible classes to the group
Of Gentile children. We teach them songs and verses. We conduct quiz and skit
Programs. They are very much interested to learn songs and verses. We
Conduct Sunday school and also Vocational Bible school. It is good to teach the
Words of God from childhood. Many children are participating with interest.
(Orphanage (Good Samaritan Orphanage)

At Present we are running free tuition centers at two villages, for the welfare of poor village children. We are also doing educational help to some poor village students.

In one area we have chosen 25 orphans and semi orphan children and doing a small help for the education. We would like to provide food, clothes, shelter, educational and Medical facilities to hundreds of Orphans, semi orphans and poor village children. we need a permanent building as per goverment norms so that we can give them food, shelter, clothes and education freely.
We would like to give new hope in the lives of orphan children. We are praying and looking for service minded people who has the same vision and who can contribute for this valuable cause.
Your investment in the lives of little children is worthy and rewar dable. To support a child it needs 25 US $ per month. Kindly write to us if God leads you to support orphanage.

Eradication of Infanticide
Here infanticide is happening in some villages. Poor, uneducated village people don’t like female child. Because it is so difficult for them to look after, grow and educate their daughters, and also during marriage Bride’s Parents have to give lot of money, things and Gold ornaments to Bridegroom’s family as dowry. Many poor village parents cannot afford these expenses and so they kill or throw their female child when it is born. Local Government runs cradle baby centers and if any one does not like their female children they can keep them at this center and Government will look-after them. So far thousands of female children have come to this cradle baby centers. We are conducting awareness programs at the villages among un educated, poor people to eradicate infanticide.

Kindly pray for our following needs.
We need to construct small church buildings at some villages.To make a church building(metal roof) its costs around 10000US$ and for concrete roof its cost around 20000US$.
We need 500 Telugu Bibles.(One Bible costs 2$ )
We need a van and scooters for village outreach ministry.(One van costs 15000US$,One scooters (50cc)costs 550US$ and big 100cc scooters cost around 1000 US$)
We need support for 25 children of` `New Hope orphanage`.(To support a child it needs 25 US$ per month.)
We need support to buy a land and make a building according to Government norms for our` New Hope orphanage`.
We need sponsor to run a missionary training centre with 20 students. We need sponsor for village Pastors.(To support a village Pastor it needs 100US$)
We also need sponsors for some other projects such as, establishment of Schools, Primary Health Care Centre, Mobile Clinic, Vocational Training Centre, Aids awareness programs, Eradication of infanticide ….etc.
(i) You can pray
– For India where there are 300 million people living below poverty line and, Thousands of evangelized and undeveloped villages.
– For the ministries of India village care ministries and its growth.
(ii) You can support as God leads you (One time or every month or any project)
– To construct small church buildings at villages.
(to build a church building with metal roof it costs arround 10,000 US $ and with concrete roof it costs around 20,000 U S$ )
– To buy a van and scooters for village outreach ministry.
(One van costs 15000 $, One small 50 cc scooter costs around 550 US $ and a big one (100 cc costs around 1000 US$))
– To organize village inter dependent pastors’ seminar.
– To run a ‘Missionary Training Centre’ with 20 candidates.
– You can support Village Pastors (To support a village Pastor it needs 100 US$per month.)
– You can sponsor orphan children. (To support a child it costs 25 US$ per month).
– To buy a land and make building according to Government norms for
` New Hope Orphanage`
– To establish schools, Primary Health Care Center, Mobile Clinic etc.
– To buy Computers and sewing machines for Vocational Training Center.
Please Note : If you want to help us financially for the Lord’s ministry and social service kindly inform us and please draw a crossed cheque in the name of “Action for Development if Human and Rural Negeltead Ares(ADHARANA)
and send it to the following address by registered letter.
Action for Development if Human and Rural Nageltead Ares(ADHARANA)
State Bank Of India,Lakshami Puram Branch,
Challapalli-521 126,
Krishna District, Andhra Pradash, South India,
Account. No.31267252295
(iii) You can Introduce
You can introduce our ministries to your friends, Co-staff, relatives and well wishers and if you like, you can be as our representative in your town or state.
(iv) You can Visit us
You can come here for one week or two weeks time.
(We will look after you very nicely with Christian love and hospitality from the time when we receive you at Airport, until we drop you at the Airport). We can also organize village pastors’ seminar and Gospel meeting and you can also preach if you like. You can see our village ministries and also understand the importance of ministries and social services in India. We can take you to many places and you can see our culture and society and really you will have a wonderful experience.
(v) You can invite us
You can also invite us to your place so that we can come and share about our vision, testimony and ministries with you and your congregation.

(vi) You can write your suggestions
We Welcome your useful suggestions for the growth of ADHARANA Ministries.
Thank you,
Challapallm-521 126,
Krishna District,
South India,

This post was submitted by Rev.P.devadanam.

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