Rural Education and Action for Liberation (REAL)


REAL was initiated in the year 1989 by a handful of enthusiastic and committed youth in and around Ennayiram Village in Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu and was led by Mr. A. Lawrence along with the young companions involved in the services of the neglected, marginalized, exploited and illiterate rural poor people and free them from the clutches of poverty, ignorance, ill health and social suppression.

Non Profit character

REAL is a non political, non religious and non profiteering social service society. It is facilitating empowerment and development activities among the target communities. It is not benefiting out its activities instead it derives benefit to the target community it works with.

The Structure:

REAL as a society has a general body which has 9 members. This is the supreme body and takes al sorts of major policy and strategies decisions. The general body in its annual meeting elects a governing body consisting of 7 members including the office bearers for every year. The governing body / or the executive committee meets at least once in every six months to decide upon the programmes and activities of the society. The Governing body takes practical decisions and provides guidance to the President cum Director. The President cum Director takes care all the day to day affairs of the society on behalf of the Governing and General body as well as the executive functions for running the organization. In the general body meet, all the decisions of the Governing body and the President have to be ratified.

The governing members are better resourceful and experienced people with empathy for the poor and needy and underprivileged people. They contributed for the activities of the organization to help the target people in the programme areas.


The vision of Rural Education and Action for Liberation (REAL) is a transformed society that has control over the resources and exercises their rights and power in socio-economic and political decision making process to ensure social justice, equal opportunity and equitable sharing of resources for sustainable development which ultimately reflects in quality of life.


To establish and strengthen community based organizations at village level and federating the community based organizations (CBO’s) at area level to form a mass movement to implement, manage and advocate socio economic development of the target area and function as a pressure group to influence the micro and macro level political decision making process in favour of CBO’s and poor


• Relieving the children from child labour and other rights violation situations and ensuring natural growth and improvement through various empowerment and development initiatives among them.
• Reconstruction and rehabilitation of affected communities due to natural and man made calamities and disasters through empowerment and development initiatives
• Empowerment and development of women through SHG, federation, micro credit and micro enterprises programmes and process
• Empowerment and development of Dalits through appropriate forums, federations, movement, and economic programmes and process
• Influencing policy and decision making process at the micro and macro level for the conducive local governance and development process
• Creation and building of capacities for the marginalized women, children, disabled persons, youth, Dalits, poor and other disadvantaged sections through various sorts of skills training, entrepreneurship training, and other orientations and workshops.


• To educate the rural children, women and the youth through suitable educational programmes.
• To improve the under developed and under privileged rural communities through integrated socio-economic, education, health and community development activities.
• To extend relief and rehabilitation measures to the affected people due to natural and for man made calamities and disasters.
• To provide sustainable rehabilitation programme for child labourers, disabled and distressed women.
• To impart awareness and functional education to the weaker and marginalized sections regarding health and hygiene, water and sanitation, legal rights, livelihood improvements etc.
• To provide skill training and technical knowledge for sustainable income generation programmes and management of locally available resources.
• To under take the community level organization for fostering unity and solidarity among the poor and marginalized rural people and enable them to organize better management system of economy and local resources.
• To organize women and promote savings and thrift and initiate income generation programmes.
• To initiate and encourage women participation in all the fields of social and economic development activities as that of men.
• To adapt appropriate technology and programmes and improve the skills among the youth and women for their entrepreneurship development.
• To take up programmes like sustainable agricultural development, organic farming, vermin compost and to ensure sustainable development.
• To promote the human rights of women and children and attain their empowerment through generating awareness, education and trainings.

Activities carried in the 40 Villages of Kanai, Gingee, Vikravandi, Vallam, Mailam, Kandamangalam Blocks in Villupuram District

• Organizing women Self Help Groups
• Imparting various trainings on entrepreneur development programmes, capacity building, various skills, IGP, SHG membership training on modules and so on.
• REAL women mini dairy rearing
• Women Self Help Group level CLF and IGP Programmes through loan from HDFC.
• Women development programmes in collaboration with Tamil Nadu women Development corporation
• Low Cost Housing Programme
• Retrofitting to the damaged houses to the rural communities.
• Disaster Risk, Reduction and Protection programme for the rural community.

Activities carried in the 127 villages of Kattumannar koil and Kurinjipadi Block in Cuddalore District

• Organizing groups such as women groups, men groups and disabled persons groups
• Women development programmes in collaboration with Tamil Nadu women Development corporation
• Imparting trainings to women SHGs, EDP, capacity building IGP, SHG membership training on different modules, disaster preparedness training
• Goat Rearing Project
• Care and support to HIV/AIDS affected children
• Micro Insurance Activities

Activities carried in the 51 Coastal villages in Marakanam and Vanur block in Villupuram District:

• Child Care Centres for Early Childhood Children
• Child Activity Centres for school children
• Non- Residential Bridge School for drop-out children
• Vocational Skills for Adolescents.
• Women development programmes in collaboration with Tamil Nadu women Development corporation
• Providing Capacity Building Opportunities to the community and SHGs
• Microfinance Programme, Income Generation Activities and Entrepreneurship Programmes
• Inculcating Leadership Skills to rural women
• Disaster Rescue, Relief, Restoration, and Rehabilitation Programmes to the tsunami affected victims.
• Permanent and Low-cost Housing programme
• Disaster Risk, Reduction and Protection programme for the rural community.
• Safe Water and hygiene promotion
• Eco-Sanitation programmes
• Liquid and Solid Waste Management and programmes on Safe Environmental education
• Dairy Activities (Milk Chilling Unit) & Agricultural Activities.
Activities carried in the 4 villages of Pondicherry UT and Trichy District:

• Improved promotive, preventive and curative health and nutrition behaviors of the target population.
• Improved access and increased utilization of promotive, preventive and curative services by the target population.
• Improved quality of health services by strengthening the capacities of local health care providers, networks, and health systems.


Administrative Office : REAL
(Pondicherry) No.2, IIIrd Cross Street,
Anna Nagar,
Pondicherry – 605 005.
Ph.No: 0413-2203662