Rural Empowerment Foundation


About the Organisation:

1. Name of Organization

(Rural Empowerment Foundation)

2. Name of the Person Responsible

Mr.M.Navaneethakrishnan Founder & Managing Trustee

3. Address for Correspondence
1/148-3 subashini nagar 1st street,surya nagar,k.pudur,Madurai-625007,tamilnadu.INDIA

4. Contact Details
Email :
+91 9443832005,+ 91 9944317633

5. Registration Details Registered as a Trust under Indian Trusts Act,1882. Registration No.:518/11
6. Banking Details
Name of the Bank
Bank address
Surveyur colony,Madurai-625007
Nature of Accounts
SB Account :6209.201.11102
FCRA Account No.
80G (12AA) Applied

Background of the Organisation:

There were no active citizens’ participation in the social development process in the area of Madurai district and virudhunagar district inTamilnadu during the past decade. Poverty was rampant and sufferings to the common people due to poverty related ill-effects was huge. Poverty resulted in the spread of killing diseases like HIV / AIDS, STDs, malaria, pneumonia, illiteracy, environment degradation, unemployment and child infanticide and aged persons left without support. Natural calamities further speeded up the sufferings of the people during monsoon seasons. In this context a few people, here and there, started to work institutionally. This resulted in founding of ngos by those few interesting and like minded people. One of those days’ informal group was RE FOUNDATION Though it worked informally it delivered services in the remote villages and

the organisation was working informally for about ten years in the working site informally and realising the need to address the pressing poverty related deprivations of the people, we needed to make the organisation in to a legal entity and registered it as a Trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. Our organisation has carried out farmers’ capacitating, women leadership programme, building sense on environment in rural communities, cultural tours, camps on national days,
non-formal education centres and network initiatives.


To create a society where disparities on bases of money, dominance, birth, caste, creed, etc. are absent and people enjoy equal powers and happiness.


A world without poverty of economic sustenance, poverty of knowledge, poverty of resources, poverty of health and poverty of development and prosperity for all people socially, economically and politically.


Building communities through empowerment of skills and capacities to involve in social development process by themselves, so that the real needs of the societies are put on fore and problems resolved amicably among citizens using democratic, justifiable and peaceful means.


Strive to serve the handicapped and severely ill persons
Spread community education and health education as means of people mobilized to face social problems
Involve youths and children in nation building activities
Undertake development projects for the benefit of the marginalized and down trodden people
Function as a research foundation to conduct scientific research studies and surveys on matters that impinge upon society.
Promote self employment among educated young men and women
Promote education through non-formal education.
Work together with the departments of the government on issues of public interest.
Impart training and education to the needy on the basis of their needs
Promote organic agriculture and improve self-reliance policy in community life
Grow art and culture through integrated cultural works among all sections of people
Generate awareness on human rights, social justice, welfare of scavengers, eradication of child labour, female infanticide, communicable diseases, etc.
Promote sustainable environment and ecology.
Develop sanitation practices in rural areas and preventive and curative community and public, health services for the needy sections of the population.

Target Group and Target Area

Marginalized and downtrodden people, especially women and children are the target groups of the RE FOUNDATION.. Among them will include, Dalits, destitute, widows, labourers, wage earners, unemployed, persons at health risk, PLWHAs, students, girls and children.

The work site of RE FOUNDATION has a thick population of Dalits and most victimized people. The area Madurai District and virudhunagar districtis a region being made wet by the famous Mullai Periyar river. Nevertheless, poverty is rampant in this region as lands are converted in to real estates. This globalization aspect make people move to other districts and nations in search of economic sustenance. The population, in this globalization context, faces challenge of becoming extinct. To prevent this situation in the future we decided to build the communities at micro levels and empower them socially, economically and politically. This way RE FOUNDATION functions in its target area with its target people.
Board of Trustees

No. Name of Trustees Address of Trustees Occupation Designation
1 M.Navaneethakrishnan 1/148-2 subashini nagar 1st street,k.pudur,Madurai-625007 Social work Founder & Managing Trustee
2 Tmt S.Usha rani 3,kattambur,Thiruppathur-630210 Social work Financial Trustee
3 Tmt A.Kamatchi 1/192-13 Meenakshi amman nagar,k.pudur,Madurai-625007 Social work Trustee

Network Partnership

A network with like minded organizations in the Madurai District and Virudhunagar District has been formed with the initiative of RE FOUNDATION

Future Activities – Overview

Livelihood restoration and marginalised development activities
Training of Vocational camps for Youth.
Child Development and Education program.
Houses for the Houseless poor people
Children welfare and care project
Medical Support and Hospital Project
Training & Self Employment to the rural Youth
Income generation programes / Activities to the rural Youth and women
Cultural, art performances and trainings on fine arts.
Sustainable environment, agricultural and forestry practices