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By Ms.Rummi K Seth on April 26, 2010


The “Saksham Charitable Trust” has been established with the sole purpose to empower the persons belonging to the marginalized section of the society. We believe that the empowerment of the persons and availability of opportunities for such empowerment is the best way of help that we can provide. Saksham Trust was established in the year 2003 to undertake activities for empowerment of persons with disability.

Trust Deed Number: 2,193 in Book No.4 Vol. No. 1,889 on page 90 to 104. Dated 27.3.2003

80g No: DIT (E) 2007-2008/s-3676/4070. Valid till 31/03/2011

FCRA No: 231660821

Persons Involved in the Trust:

1. Mrs. Sushma Seth: Patron. Renowned film Artist.
2. Mr.Dipendra Manocha: Managing Trustee: Director: DFA Regional Resource Centre, Asst. Project Manager (Daisy For All), President: DAISY Forum of India, Director IT and Services N.A.B. Delhi, Consultant: Resource Centre on Disability. He is recognized by:-

• Recipient of the National Award on disability services by the President of India in 2005.
• Received the IIM Lucknow Lakshmipat Singhania National Leadership Award in 2007 from the President of India.
• Selected as Ashoka Fellow (Social Entrepreneur) in 2007.

3. Ms. Rummi K Seth: Managing Trustee: Volunteer professional working full time for rehabilitation activities since 1995. Contributes both her time and money to the cause.
4. Ms. Brij Bardwal: Additional Trustee – project Director Saksham Daksh School. Qualified Special Educator with experience in the field over 20 years.
5. Ms. Bipasha Sengupta: Additional Trustee: Qualified Special Educator. Experience in the field of over 20 years. General Secretary of Saksham Daksh School
6. Mr. Rahul Diwan: Treasurer Saksham Trust

In Addition, Saksham Trust has Employees that include Special Educators, occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and other support staff.

Following are the activities that have been undertaken by this trust:

1. Accessible Materials production and distribution: Saksham Trust has initiated Audio Recording and preparation of e-text books. The Trust has begun Bookshare India project where e-text books are contributed by Volunteers and distributed through web site especially to persons with blindness or low vision. Trust also trains personnel of organisations in production of digital books. Address: 486, double storey, New Rajinder Nagar-110060. Phone: 42411015
2. Saksham Daksh School for children with blindness and children with multiple disabilities: Children with multiple disability need special training and education and most of them cannot be integrated in the main stream institutions. Children with blindness can be integrated to the main stream schools however; they too need support services such as accessible reading materials, regular counselling and guidance for parents and teachers. Introduction of special teaching methodologies in the main stream schools where the child is integrated, etc. Such special schools and resource centres are available in Delhi. However, we realized that children with multiple disability or children with blindness living in Noida were not able to take any benefits of these centres. During our interactions with special educators, we also realized that some children with blindness were already enrolled in the main stream schools but did not have access to any support services due to which they were facing a lot of difficulty and not able to get quality education in Noida region. Therefore, Saksham Trust established the Saksham Daksh School which has most experienced Special educators, speech Therapist, Occupational therapist, transportation facility, functional assessment and sensory stimulation rooms. Address: A-2,. Sector 31, Noida.
3. Distribution centre of Aids and appliance for persons with blindness or low vision: A lot of aids and appliances for persons with blindness or low vision are manufactured in our country. Unfortunately very few of them reach the end users. It is very difficult to purchase or acquire these aids and appliances. There are no service agencies that make such aids and appliances available to the persons with blindness or low vision under one roof. Saksham is collecting such aids and appliances from all over the world and the users are able to choose and try out these tools before purchasing them. Experts at Saksham assist choosing the right kind of tools to suit the requirements of every individual. These appliances are made available to the users at the cost at which Saksham acquires it. The distribution centre is currently running from within the premises of the National Association for the Blind, R.K. Puram, New Delhi and 486 double storey, New Rajinder Nagar

4. Audio Description of Movies: Audio describing the silent portions of the film to make‘seeing’ films a fulfilling experience for the visually impaired. Saksham has audio described 10 films, the last one being “ Taara Zameen Par”

5.Sponsorship for education: A very small percentage of blind children receive any form of formal education in India. Disability has a very close link with poverty. Special requirement like Braille books, Braille reading and writing equipment, etc. make education of children with blindness more costly than their seeing counterparts. Good education is the most important factor to make blind person self reliant, productive and independent in their lives. Saksham Trust provides sponsorship to children with blindness belonging to economically weaker section to enable them to get quality education. We believe that these children would get best opportunity for quality education and growth only if they are able to study in good main-stream schools. There fore, this sponsorship is towards bearing the cost of school fee, books in alternative format, special support services and purchase of assistive devices. According to the provisions of disability law of India, no main-stream school can deny admission to person on account of disability. Once this barrier has been overcome, the sponsorship scheme ensures that economic limitation should not become a barrier in the way of empowerment of persons with disability.
6. Informal education (learning through fun): A lot of the basic education and knowledge is gained through observation and by looking at objects and pictures. Children with blindness or low vision miss out on this opportunity. It is impossible to gather knowledge about large objectives such as an elephant or a building or an aeroplane by touch or sound. Special efforts need to be made to provide such knowledge to the children with blindness or low vision. Saksham trust is working with institutions such as National Museum, Resort Country Club, Zoo etc. to impart certain basic concepts and knowledge. Only way that children with blindness or low vision can learn is by doing things and indulging in activities. Knowledge imparted through books is certainly not adequate for them. We organise special educational picnics, make institutions like national museum accessible for persons with blindness and various other means of informal education.
7.Development of aids and appliances for blind: We at Saksham believe that persons with blindness or low vision can do every thing. Only thing that changes are the way those things are done. A person with blindness also can thread a needle with the help of a needle threader costing just 25 paisa. A lot of information on the electronic gadgets and daily living machines and tools is provided through regular print. If this information is conveyed through tactile or in audio format then the same gadget can be used by a person with blindness or low vision. Special tools are also needed for performing different vocational activities or for receiving quality education. Saksham has put a high priority to develop and adapt aids and appliances for persons with blindness or low vision.


Digital Audio Production centre, Aids and Appliances distribution Centre:
486, Double Storey, New Rajinder,New Delhi-60

Saksham-Daksh School:A-2, Sector 31, Noida (U.P.)

This post was submitted by Ms.Rummi K Seth.

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