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By Rayna Sultana on October 12, 2013


SHELTER is a grassroots level NGO in Bangladesh and works in different fields as Research, Consultant, Human Right, Gender, Woman impairments ,Agricultures, Water & Sanitation, Health, Education, Advocacy, VGD, IGA, Baseline Survey, Social works from different development sectors, underfunded and partnership with UNICEF, IOM, GIZ, GOB of Bangladesh, ITF UK, EVERGREEN UK, JICA, HOPE’87, ATSEC Bangladesh, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Dhaka and Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) 2 programs under Department of Women Affairs.

SHELTER’s main focus is Environmental and Climate Chang programs under ITF UK and SHELTER Nursery, SHELTER provide Tree and Plantation School, Mosque, Madrasa, Garboards’, Shosanghat and poor people for donation and Road and Riverbank under partnership from GOB. SHELTER also provided NEEM (Medicine) TREES all 77 Union perished, 6 Pouroshova and 8 Upozilla complexes with DC Hobigonj GOB.

SHELTER also had another major work in HIV/AIDS & Women and Child Trafficking programs under IOM & technical support from ATSEC Bangladesh. SHELTER has good experiences of Trafficking programs under PPVHT-B Project with IOM partnership. SHELTERS recently started an ORGANIC AGRO project, Organic poultry, fishery, duckers, vegetable, agro forestry, and cow firm project under SHELTER HOBIONJ PROJECT.

We need your organization partnership support form extend our programs and develop our organization performing and works under you ORG in our country grassroots level on your behalf. We also need your organization partnership support as jointly apply deferent NGO Funding proposal for Bangladesh and which criteria is must jointly apply with UK or other foreign donor country Charities (NGO) partnership.

I welcome you visit our organization and working fields at your convenient time SHELTER will arrange all from your visit. If you need any more information about us please write me any time.Hope your cooperation will be highly appraised.Thanks for your cooperation and wish you good luck.

Best Regard,

Rayna Sultana
Executive Director
House No.103, 3rd Floor,
Road No.13/A, Block No.C,
Banani , Dhaka 1213
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Reg.Partner Support for NGO works.

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