1. Name of the Organization: – Garia Sathi

2. Type of the Organization: – Non Profit Social Welfare Organization.

3. Address of the Organization: – 29/3 Brizi Road, Garia, Kolkata – 700084. (W.B)

4. Reg No- S/IL/30069(2005-2006)

5. Recognition u/s52 (2) & (4):- 257/com (2007)
(P.W.D Act)

6. Telephone no: – 033 – 64529283

7. Email Address: –

8. Web Address: –


10. Date of Establishment: – 20th June 2005.

11. Our Banking Details:
Bank : – United Bank of India.
Branch : – Garia
A/C No: – 270725.
M.I.C.R No: – 700027054

12. Name & Address of Contact Persons: – Sumitra Ganguly
9/26 Netaji Nagar, Flat no-6 , Kolkata- 700092(W.B)
Ph- 9831610397

Debaprasad Chakraborty
29/3 Brizi Road, Garia Kolkata – 700084. (W.B)
Ph- 9830091648.

13. Nature of the Organization:-

Garia Sathi is a Registered society under societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961 and also Registered under Government of west Bengal office of the commissioner, for persons with Disabilities U/S 52(2) and (4) Act 95 Reg.No 257/Com (2007), Registered Act under u/s 12AA of the I.T. Act. 1961, Registered Act under u/s 80G(5) (vi) of the I.T. Act, 1961, taken upon its shoulder to work with the challenged children who belong to the villages and Below Poverty Line (BPL) population. They are even unable to have a square meal a day, leave alone pay for their special treatment.
14. General Information about the Organization:-

“Garia Sathi” is devoted to the growth, development and rehabilitation of the children of our society with natural negations and various challenges.
Operating on a very humble level, we are fortunate to receive some invaluable service from some local experts. For a Govt. registered Organization we are now striving towards mass awareness, social support and corporate patronage for our cause.
We intend to drive home in to the minds of the People that these challenges can be made easy to some extent with early detection and proper care and that in no way bad parenting, or evil stars have any influence on these challenged individuals. Our basic premise is to work with and for the under-privileged and the BPL population who constitute the major portion of the rural populace With this awareness mission on hand we are on a fast track to cover whole of Kolkata and aspire to go national down the years.

We have been blessed with a world of colors, fragrances and sounds – and most of us are blessed with the sense to feel and experience these shades of life. But, there are a few whose lives are dark and silent – who are unable to see or feel or hear life as we take for granted. These challenged souls are fighting for a ray of hope – a hope to live!
The pain, the agony and the helplessness of the mentally or physically challenged people are unbearable. Sometime, we, the privileged ones, take pity on them and utter “How sad! God help them” or such similar words of sympathy.
What is really sad is that we fail to understand the challenged – “They need Empathy not Sympathy”.

Garia Sathi – Who are we?

Garia Sathi, a non-profit organization has taken upon its shoulder to work with the challenged children who belong to the villages and Below Poverty Line (BPL) population. They are even unable to have a square meal a day, leave alone pay for their special treatment.
Presently, Garia Sathi has employed a dedicated and efficient of audiologist, speech therapist, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists and special educators dealing with MR & HI cases. They are treating, training and educating a number of physically challenged children and adults belonging to

BPL and under privileged families who require hearing aids, artificial limbs, wheel chairs, crutches, balance-shoes, chairs designed for different kinds of disabilities. Many require aids but do not have the means to buy those instruments while others require treatment, training & education.
Human Society comprises Homo Sapiens of Normal, exceptional and abnormal natures. Whoever it is, to simply exist in this jet world of competition it is almost impossible to exist without proper understanding& knowledge, learning efficiency of ones own. These when coupled with the latent potential of individual renders him “SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE’. We intend to strive to extend a square field to these children.
The very concept originated in the mind one of our member whose daughter a victim of hearing impairment since birth. Early detection and deployment of suitable assistance sustained natural growth & development of natural facilities.
Garia Sathi – Our Mission
? To bring a ray of hope to the lives of Autistic & mentally challenged children
? To guide the challenged people towards a better and meaningful way of live
? We intend to train these children and make them self- sufficient for all walks of life so that they do not need to depend on others and can successfully create a standing of their own. They need our empathy not sympathy. They should be made to inculcate within themselves a sense of self – respect & dignity and create their own worth, when the sun will rise for them alone.
Garia Sathi – Our Vission

• We aspire to make the challenged children of today facilities of tomorrow so that they can render assistance to somebody else and make them selves sufficient enough to shoulder the responsibilities of making India a super power.
• We dream of a nation where the people will be intertwined & interrelated where no one will be a burden or obligation for the other.
Garia Sathi – Our Modus Operandi
• Registration.
• Identification.
• Documentation.
• Counseling.
• Training Initiation.
• Deployment of sequential practice with the expert’s advice.
• Regular securitizations of equipments & patient suitability & adaptability.
• Feedback.
• Formal education.
• Initiative for mainstream retrieval.

Garia Sathi – Areas of Operations

? Children with Autistic challenges
? Children with Hearing impairment

Garia Sathi – Where are we?

Sathi Garia is located in the southern zone of Kolkata, India, in a rental house with very humble infrastructure.

Garia Sathi – Our Technical & non Technical support

The society is running with technical experts such as psychologist, psychiatrist, physiotherapist, special educators for H.H, MR & OH, counselors, speech therapist & audiologist. There is also a staff who run the administration of the society efficiently.

Garia Sathi – Our Students

All our students are mostly young children, belonging to the BPL level. Currently, we are trying to help about 32 + children to overcome their respective challenges and get back to the so-called “Main-stream” of the society.

Special Project: Awareness Camps

Apart from our work at the institute, Garia Sathi organizes awareness camps in far flung villages to reach out to physically / mentally challenged children & adults who are unable to travel to our institute. These camps also build awareness in the immediate community and help people understand the needs and requirements of their challenged family member or neighbors.
Through the awareness camps, Garia Sathi aims to provide guidance and solution for a better life for the challenged people, enabling them to protect their self-esteem.

Extra Curricular Activities at Garia Sathi

? Garia Sathi organizes cultural programme every year performed by the students of the institute. Touching songs and dances performance by the children left the audience spellbound. In every programme we get moral cooperation from different type of celebrities who boost the morale of Garia Sathi and encourage the students and staff to continue these initiatives is future.
? We teach our students different type of Vocational training for their self-dependency.
? Garia Sathi took part in different types of fetes, and exhibited and sold articles made by the challenged children

? We celebrate Raksha bandhan utsab with our challenged children by interacting with children of normal schools.
? Every year we celebrate World Disabled day, on 3rd December. By holding rallies and Culture programmes.
? Garia Sathi arranges Excursions and picnics every year with the students and parents.
? For the moral development of the students we use the media of Drama Therapy and our students perform through out the year in different cultural festivals.

Garia Sathi – We need YOU to help US help THEM!

The founders at Garia Sathi have been digging deep into their personal pockets to help run a special institute for the challenged people – to give them a life full of dignity, filled with happiness and laughter. This cannot be sustained for long without your help and support. And it would be a great injustice on our part to let down those, whom we promised to help.

We are in dire need of funds.

Our immediate need is a larger place to house our institute, as the present house is unable to accommodate the number of children pouring in for help. Our main objective is to enable the needy and under-privileged children to overcome the disabilities that Mother Nature has thrust upon them. We, at Garia Sathi, need your support to provide that ray of hope and guidance to these children.
We would be ever grateful and appreciate your help in support for this noble cause.

For Garia Sathi

( Sumitra Ganguly)
Principal of the Institution


Vision :
To have healthy and self reliant society where equal opportunities are made available to the disadvantaged with special reference to women.

Mission :
To create a self reliant society of disadvantaged & marginalized groups who can avail equal opportunities in which woman play proactive role.

Goal :
Sustainable development of the society through women empowerment.

1. Name of Organization : SANKALP-JYOTI
2. Registered Office : Ashoka Nagar, Road
No.-1 Last, Kankarbagh,
Patna -800020.
3. E-mail :
4. Telephone/Mob. No. : 09334525610 / 09304832180.
5. Contact Person : Mr. Santosh Kumar
(Secretary), Ashoka Nagar, Road No.-1, Kankarbagh, Patna-800020
6. Status Of Organization : State Level in Bihar.
7. Registration no. Date &
Place of registration : Reg. No.- 1289/2003-04
Society Registration Act
XXI,1860, Bihar.
8. Nature of Organization : Not Profitable
Voluntary Organization.
9. Under IT Act
12 “A” : 1740-43.
& 80 “G” : 1744-47.

10. FCRA Ministry of Home
Affairs Govt. of India : 031170412
11. PAN No. : AAAAJ3140M.
12. Bank Details :
(i) Namme of Bankers : Indian Bank
(ii) Address of Bankers : Kankarbagh, Patna-800020.
(iii) Account No. :
Non-F.C.R.A : 537809512.
F.C.R..A. : 751410886.
(iv) Nature of Account : Joint Signature(Secretary
& Treasurer)

13. Project Location : Naubatpur Block of
Patna distt.and Kako,Jehanabad sadar & Ratnifaridpur Block of Jehanabad Distt.

Social Action and Rural Awareness (SARA)Trust

Social Action and Rural Awareness (SARA) Trust is a registered NGO working for the development of the rural area people of Theni district in Tamil Nadu, India from 2006 in Health and Education aspects.

Registration date: 20-2-2006

Registration under : Trust Act

Managing Trustee: Dr.R.Reeba Irin

Contact Person: Rev.S.H.Richard, M.A., B.D., Director

Address: SARA Trust
1-4-10, Cumbum Road, Thenikarai, Periyakulam-625601, Theni District, Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone No.91-04546-230966

Activities Done: Women SHGS
Disabled SHGs
Free Tuition Centres for the school going children
Naturopathy & Yoga Awareness
Health Education to the Community & School students
Environmental awareness
Vocational Training on Nursing, Computer and tailoring to the poor scheduled caste women and of the weaker section

Awareness on HIV/AIDS

LEDARS-Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society

Head Office:
Village: Munshigonj, Post Office: Kadamtala,
Upazila: Shyamnagar, District: Satkhira, Post Code: 9455,
Telephone: +88-01713 462821, +88 01712 030338

Evolution OF LEDARS
Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society (LEDARS), is a non-profit and non-political organization that has been working for social, economical and environmental development of the poor and marginal people of the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh since 1996. The previous name of LEDARS was Gana Unnayan Shangstha (GUS). The name has been changed in 2007 to address the government regulation and to avoid the duplication of name in the NGO Affairs Bureau. When unplanned shrimp cultivation, river erosion and various natural disasters compelled the coastal people to be migrated in the urban areas during the early 1990s, the organization emerged from a local club to a development organization to stand beside the vulnerable people to support their livelihood security and establish their rights. LEDARS has been registered under the Social Welfare Department and NGO affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh. As defined, the organization works with landless, unemployed male & female, coastal fishermen and the Sundarbans resource users groups in general.

To protect the coastal environment and mangrove biodiversity, LEDARS initiated a CBO network and involved Union Parishad to create a movement in 2001. The organization first highlighted the widows of the tiger killed males in the Sundarbans, who are the most vulnerable community in the Sundarbans impact zones. In order to create a wider constituency to address the whole coastal issues, LEDARS tries to build alliances with the like minded and similar organizations.

Contribute poverty reduction by creating access of the poor & marginal public resources through effective community based management.

Devise people with appropriate methods to raise voice for establishing basic and human rights in order to ensure livelihood security of the most vulnerable and socially excluded segment of the population.

LEDARS Themes and programs

Theme-1: Environmental Change and Livelihood Security

A. Awareness Rising on Climate Change
Though the peoples of Bangladesh are not response of adverse climate change but peoples of our country suffering most. Those peoples who are migration form the coastal area are not aware about climate change. On the other hands, there have the local adaptation mechanism and peoples can secure their livelihood following that adaptation. In this séance when LEDARS found that conservation of coastal environment is not possible without a greater movement of civil societies and local development organization (CBO). LEDARS initiated a network with the membership of the coastal CBOs, which deal the Sundarbans, human rights and coastal environment issues. In 2003, LEDARS organised an environmental movement namely ‘Eco-club movement” within the CBO network. Around 30 Eco-club formed and activating to preservation of the coastal environment and capacity building of the community for adaptation to climate change vulnerabilities. This project was supported by CARE Bangladesh RVCC project. The RVCC project was a CIDA funded project that provided LEDARS fund and capacity building of LEDARS and its networks. The CIDA funded project finished at January 2006 and LEDARS is continuing this activities with the support of Niagara Volunteer for Bangladesh.

B. Community based adaptation to Climate Change in southwest coastal region of Bangladesh
For climatic change and its effect, the south western part of Bangladesh became vulnerable. Peoples losing their livelihoods. For sea level rise, salinity are expansion inside of the residence. Drinking water decreases. Agricultural production losing day by day and the are is like now a saline dissert. Peoples are migrating from here for better livelihoods. LEDARS is building capacity to reduce economic vulnerability of climate change by following activities
• Demonstration of the local sustainable saline tolerant agriculture in the shrimp firm.
• Demonstration of the storm and flood resistance houses
• Mobilize peoples to reactivate the local drinking water sources and install PSF
• Demonstration to the community based rainwater harvesting system.

LEDARS is providing support to the community for demonstrating the viable technologies in hosing, vegetables, agriculture, drinking water, etc with the support of Niagara Volunteer for Bangladesh.

Theme: 2. Water and Sanitation
A. Providing Water Education and Supports to the Community
LEDARS is working for providing drinking water and sanitation facilities to the community people. The area faces a severe scarcity of drinking water due to sea level rise and expansion of saline area. The community people of this area are very poor and ignorant about hygienic practice. LEDARS provides Pond-sand-filter (PSF) and Rain Water Harvesting Plant for preservation of rain water and provide ring-slab for latrine. LEDARS also motivates people about hygienic practice.

B. Kanchan Arsenic Filter Bangladesh Verification Program
LEDARS is working with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) for Kanchan Arsenic Filter Verification Program in Bangladesh. We jointly applied for Bangladesh Environmental Technology Verification Program.

C. Support for Arsenic Filtration Efforts (SAFE)
LEDARS is supporting to the community of the arsenic affected area. Kanchan Arsenic Filter is one of the most viable technology to remove arsenic. As a test besis LEDARS installed more about 100 Filters in Keshobpur, Sarsa of Jessore and Shyamnagar upazial of satkhira district.

D. Cyclone SIDR rehabilitation Project with PSF.
The divested cyclone SIDR affected he coastal area at 15 November 2007. Gabura is one of the victims union of Shyamnagar where most of the drinking water sources damaged. LEDARS with association of Asia Arsenic Network installed 5 PSF in Gabura and more then 1000 families are getting drinking water by this project.

D. Water Action Group of Bangladesh
Water Action Group of Bangladesh (WAG’B) is a network of the grassroots NGOs who primarily focus on the water and sanitation issues. LEDARS leads this group to build their capacity on WATSAN, IWRM and mitigate arsenic in the ground water.

4th World Water Forum and Kyoto World Water Grand Prize 2006.
LEDARS presented the success story of local action entitled “CBO turns into development in the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh” during the session of “Asian Civil Society Innovate Change” on 19th March 2006 in the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico. (Refer to Local action no LA 0329 (, or The action also awarded by the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize as top ten semi-finalist of the world (URL:

Theme. Human Rights and Good Governance
Theme: 3. Human Rights and good governance:

A. Strengthen Agricultural Labour Labour Rights Initiatives
A large number of agricultural labourers become unemployed and many of them migrated to the neighbouring city and country to earn their livelihood as the consequences of commercial shrimp farming, however, a good number agricultural labourer still are struggling to manage their livelihood in the working are of LEDARS. Existence of surpluses labourers in the area reduced their bargaining capacity to claim fair wages from their employers and thus the agriculture landowners or shrimp farmers employ those labourers paying lower wages. In this context, LEDARS formed “Krishi Sromik Federation” to protect their labour rights. Currently the organization has been implementing a project to protect agricultural labours rights with the funding support from Manusher Jonno Foundation since October 2006.

B. Rights Alliance in the southwest coastal region
LEDARS has been leading an alliance to ensure rights of the poor and marginal people through building capacity of the NGOs in southwest coastal region of Bangladesh on rights based programming.

Theme: 4. Livelihood Security Program

A. Alternative Livelihood Program (ALP):
LEDARS provides training and financial assistance for alternative income source of Sundarbans resource user groups through: organization development, savings, skill development training and small entrepreneurship development in order to enhance their food and income security.

B. Advancing Women Economic Empowerment of the Tiger victims widows in the Sundarbans impact zone.
Widows of the tiger victims in the Sundarbans are most vulnerable community in the southwest coastal region. The tiger victims widows are most vulnerable for lack of livelihood options and property. By this project LEDARS support the widows through organize self-help groups, provides seed money to their account, skill development training and support to the marketing. It is an Action Aid Supported Project.

C. Ensure livelihood security of the tiger victims widows in the Sundarbans impact zone.
Widows of the tiger victims in the Sundarbans are most vulnerable community in the southwest coastal region. LEDARS is facilitating different activities to publicise the issue locally and nationally. Besides, it is advocating for creating access to the social security programme of the government though local government and other service delivery organisation since 2004. In addition LEDARS provides free education for the children of the widows.

Theme: 5. Emergency response:
LEDARS has been responding the emergencies.
LEDARS has been responding to the emergencies of different types.
a. SIDR Responding program
LEDARS provided relief support to the households in Shyamnagar.

b. Cyclone SIDR Rehabilitation Program with Pond Sand Filters (PSF)
Gabura is the most affected area by SIDR in Shyamnagar. LEDARS established 5 PSF in the SIDR affected area with the support of Aisa Arsenic Network.

c. AILA Emergency response program
LEDARS quickly responded at the AILA affected area and distributed a huge relief to the community in Padmapukur and Gabura union with the support of Action Aid Bangladesh, BARCIK, Aisa Arsenic Network and Niagara Volunteer for Bangladesh.

d. Early Recovery Program of AILA
LEDARS is still engaged in the early recovery program in Gabura union with the support of Save the Children, Aisa Arsenic Network and Niagara Volunteer for Bangladesh. LEDARS dewatering 17 ponds in the area and re activating 17 PSF’s LEDARS also support the adolescent girls of the AILA affected area. In this work LEDARS is conducting Social Monitoring of the UNDP supported program in Gabura implemented by Sushilan (NGO)


MILLI MISSION OF BENGAL Kaikhali Enclave,D-202, Mondalgnthi Road, PO. NSCBI Airport, Kolkata – 700 052.India.
Contact No(s) : + 91 33 – 92315 05523
e-mail : /

Sub : Development co-operation

Dear Sir/Madam,
Ours is a grass-root level registered social welfare organization has been working in different rural areas in five districts including the slum areas of Calcutta municipal corporation since 1992 to uplift the poorer section and poverty stricken people of the society.

We have undertaken various program related to education development,
mother & child care, income generation for women, environment awareness campaign program,health care and medical assistance, family welfare counseling , scholarship & counseling services to the poor students and needy people , income generation programmes for women, etc during the last working years.
The dedicated youths, teachers, potential social workers , eminent resource persons and doctors are associated with the organization and devoting their services to implement the programs of the organization. As such, we require your development co-operation to implement various development programs and better services to the needy beneficiaries of our project areas in West Bengal . A copy
of organizational profile is enclosed herewith for your kind perusal and necessary action .
Therefore may I would request you to kindly extend your financial support and sympathetic co-operation for implementing sustainable development programs more successfully to serve the poorer section of the people in near future. An early positive response from you for the same will be highly appreciated.
Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely.
( Mrs. K. Rahaman )
Hony. Gen. Secretary
1. Name of the Organisation : MILLI MISSION OF BENGAL

2. Nature and Establishment : A state level registered, voluntary, non-profit making, charitable grass-roots level social welfare organization established in 3rd. April, 1992.

3. Address ( Head Office ) : Kaikhali Enclave,D-202, Mondalganthi Road, P.O.:
NSCBI Airport, Kolkata – 700 052, India.

e-mail :

4. Contact Person / Chief Functionery : Dr. A. RAHAMAN, M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.(Cal)
Phone : 0-9231505523

5. Camp Office / Area of Operation : Selected poverty stricken slum, semi-urban areas, urban and villages of five districts viz. Kolkata, Malda, 24-Parganas (South & North), Purulia & South Dinajpur in West Bengal, India.

6. Legal Status

(a) Registration : Registered under “Charitable and Religious Trust Act, 1920” (Govt. Of India); Registration No. 1451, dated 24th August, 1995

(b) Registration under FCR Act, 1971 : Registered under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. Of India for receiving foreign grants.

(c) Exemption under I.T. Act, 1961 : Registered u/s 12A and granted permission of tax exemption for donors u/s 80-G of Income Tax Act, 1961, Govt. Of India.

(d) Empanelled & working with : (1) West Bengal Pollution Control Board, Govt. Of West Bengal; (2) W.B. State AIDS Prevention & Control Society (Govt. Of West Bengal) (3) CLPOA, (4) Sealdah Loreto School, etc

7. Objectives (in brief) : It has been working to reform the infra-structure of the society by providing modern education, preserving sound health through medical assistance, offering scholarships, extending hand for relief & rehabilitation, generating social & environmental awareness, etc.

8. Working fields : Implementing Education development; Medical assistance; Family welfare and health care; Child & Women development; Old, Disabled and Orphange Welfare; Relief & Rehabilitation; Vocational Training, Skill development & Income Generation Programmes; Providing Scholarships to poor & needy students; organising Social & Environment awareness, communal harmony among general mass, etc.

9. Experience/Track Record : Establishment & running of formal and non-formal schools (721) , Education Development Programmes with Sikshalaya Project for Street deprived Children (498), Running of Health Care Clinic (2716), Child, Mother & Family Welfare Programmes (942); National Environment Awareness (NEAC) Programme (2348); Flood Relief/Assistance to poor People (721); Financial Aids to the disabled persons (64); Social & cultural Programmes (3892); Income Generation (207).
Total : 12,109 beneficiaries

10. Ongoing & Traget Projects : Programmes & Projects as stated above in relief.

11. Infra-structure facilities available
with the organisation : The charity has infra-structure facilities for implementing programmes on education development, health-care, income generation & skill development, awareness generation programmes, and R&D Programmes.

12. Existing potential staff and Personnels : Total Staff : 59 (Full time : 22, Honorary & Voluntary Basis : 37)
13. Administration & Executive
Governing Body or Committee(s) : The Trust is run by an Executive Governing Body/ Trustee Board assisted by a Central Advisory Board comprising of 20 members whose experts are of different fields. Local project management committee and women development committee of seven lady members are in the monitoring team of each women & child development program for its successful implementation.

14. Financial Status of the Organisation :

Financial Year Total
Income Expenditure Asset Value

2007-08 Rs. 8,64,021.00 Rs. 8,58,308.50 Rs. 14,62,334.23
2008-09 Rs. 9,35,646.00 Rs. 9,22 ,220.50 Rs. 14,35,931.00
2009-10 Rs. 10,06,648.00 Rs. 10,01,324.00 Rs. 14,80,903.73

Place : Kolkata – 700 052 Authorised Signatory/Hony. General Secretary
Date : 16th July, 2010 MILLI MISSION OF BENGAL


Maths Marothon

We are very much pleased to announce that we “AVTAAR WELFARE SOCIETY” organizing an exam Math’s Marathon in the city of Jhansi.
The purpose of this exam is to create awareness & interest in Mathematics as well as to reward students so as to motivate them to perform better in future life according to competition scenario.
We seek your support in helping to conduct the exam in your prestigious school.

Thanks & Regard
Avtaar Welfare Society
Corporate office – 5, basement
Mayur apartment Gwalior road Jhansi (U.P.)
Ph no- 0510-3201557
Mob- 08765250783, 09935814913,
09236567223, 08004480625.



1. Name of the Organization: Participatory Action for Rural Advancement and Youth Awareness “PARAYAS”
V.P.O -Panar Teh.- Nahan, Distt. Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh. Pin cod.- 17302
? Telephone No/ Mob. No. : 09816199029, 09418228916
? E-mail
? Pan No. : AABAT6815C

3. Whether there is any branch office if the NGO. If so, how many (give details): Only one
The Registered office of the Society is at V.P.O. Panwa. Teh. Pachhad. Distt. Sirmour Pin Code No. – 173229 (H.P.)
Branch office of the Society is at V.P.O. Panar Teh. Nahan, Distt. Sirmour
Pin Cod. No. – 173022 (H.P.) Kindly correspondence us at our Branch office.

4. Area of Operation :
The area of operation of the Society is the state of Himachal Pradesh and is working at present in area Nahan, Pachhad &Sangrah Blocks in Distt. Sirmour in Himachal Pradesh.

5. Vision
To achieved the goals of voluntary aspects through integrated development of rural community.

6. Mission
To achieve the vision is to make the base line survey of the operational area and implement the relevant application to meet the overall requirement of the community.

7. Objective :
? To make use of the services of the graduates and students on rational bases in the
agriculture, medical educational and other services /activities of the societies.
? To inculcate the youths with energetic ideas to planning, common welfare programmes.
? To organize and conduct training courses for the students and other people in rural development.
? To work for backward and disseminated people like poor families women and children.
? To do other lawful things as may be incidental to or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.
? To under take management and execution of the objects of the society. To assist or take assistance/loan Govt. and Non- Govt. Funding agencies of national and international level and collaborate with other institution with similar activities in India or elsewhere.
? To make effort for the empowerment by organizing them at the platform of Self-help group formation, micro-credits for their socio-economic development, health, education and legal rights.
8. Details of Registration :
a) Registration No. : 325/2002 Date: 27 February 2002
b) Valid upto : Registration under the societies registration act. 1860-XXI
If there is any change from the original body , certified copy of the resolution passed by the Executive Committee of the VO to be enclosed or copies of correspondence with Registrar to be furnished.
9. Details of Members of Executive/Governing Body:

S.No. Name Father’s/Husband’s Name Address with Telephone No If related to each other indicate relationship
1. Mr. Balkishan Sharma
(Chairman) S/o Sh. Tak Ram Village Gatu P/O Chhecheti Teh. Poanta Sahib Sirmour, H.P.

2. Mr.Kamal jeet Sharma
(Vice Chairman) S/o Sh. Chaker dher Sharma Village Rahan,P/O Bharog Baneri, The. Poanta Sahib, Distt- Sirmour (HP)
3. Mr. Dheeraj Ramoul
(Secretary) S/o Late Sh. Rameshwar Dutt “PARAYAS”VPO – Panar
Teh- Nahan Distt- Sirmour (HP)
4. Miss Sita Devi (Member) D/O Tika Ram Vill & P/O Panar Teh-Nahan Distt- Sirmour (HP)
5. Miss Menu Sharma (Member) D/O Kewal Ram VPO- Palgani Teh-Nahan
Distt- Sirmour (HP) NO
6. Mr. Suresh Attri S/o Maya Ram Village Kayri ,P.O. Chhachheti ,Tehsil –Paonta Sahib, Distt-Sirmour (H.P) NO
7. Smt. Kamla Devi W/o Sohan Singh Vill & P/O Panar Teh-Nahan Distt- Sirmour (HP)

This is certified that the members of the General body are not in relation with each other

10. Experience/Activities undertaken:
The Voluntary organization is working since 2002 in the fields of rural development. At present the Vo is working on women SHGs formation & development, Women Awareness Generation Programme, general awareness on National rural employment guarantee programme, rural environment awareness campaigns and agriculture development Candace course. The organization has good experience of working in the rural sector and relevant experienced manpower available to implement the programme.

The Voluntary organization is working in district Sirmour since last three year in the fields of LIC (Micro Insurance Jeewan Madhur policy ) programme for BPL families.

11. Main target group:
Rural Women, Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathan, self help groups,Youth, Yuvti, Rural Artizans, farmers and older peoples and are other all segments of rural community .

12. Details of Bank Account:
a) Name of the Bank/Branch : The Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank LTD.
Branch –Dadahu(553)
State Bank of India, Branch Pachhad (Sarahan) Code No. 2444
b) Account No : Dadahu A/c No. 4529 Dt. 10-05-2008
A/c No. 11508825877 Dt. 01-03-2005
c) Type of Account : Saving
d) Date since held : Pachhad (Sarahan) 01-03-2005 Dadahu Dt. 10-05-2008
e) Name of the Signatory (ies): Dheeraj Ramoul (Secretary ), Bal krishan Sharma (Chairman)
f) Relationship if with the
Chief Functionary: No



1. Name of the organization : CARE FOR UNCARED

2. Address for correspondence : Mrs.A.Surya Kumary, General Secretary,
Plot No.142, Flat No.302, Dhanunjaya Residency,
Kalyan Nagar,Venture – III, Hyderabad – 500 018. A.P,

3. Phone No. : + 040 – 23837783 / 98666 07783

4. E-Mail. :

5. Contact person : Mrs.A.Surya Kumary, General Secretary,

6. Legal Status : CARE FOR UNCARED organization was registered
under A.P. public societies registration act 2001 at
Hyderabad, Government of Andhrapradesh

a) Registration No : 332 / 2010 {Physically the organization has formed
on dated 14:02:2007 Please refer page No.9 and
column No.10 of the bye-laws}

c) Income Tax PAN No. : AAAAC8232B

7. Bank Details

Name of the Account : CARE FOR UNCARED

Account No. : 169601000002072

Name of the Bank & Address : Indian Overseas Bank – Ameerpet – Hyderabad A.P.

8. Organization Audit reports : Audited by charted Accountant

9. Back ground of the Organization :

Mrs.A.Surya Kumary, the General Secretary of our organization was moved by reading the death of an adolescent tribal girl on being rendered services by a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) who did not use disposable delivery kit and does not know the importance of clean and aseptic practices during delivery. She felt that the death could have been averted but for lack of awareness both on the part of the girl and TBA. Like minded women of 2, men of 5 in 2007 there create “CARE FOR UNCARED” which in Sanskrit means “Activation by Awareness Building”.

Vision: To continue playing an important role for better living by conducting HIV/AIDS awareness,
Literacy and socio-economical activities.

Mission: CARE FOR UNCARED seeks to facilitate so that the marginalized tribal/urban & rural
communities them selves are able to expand and enhance their opportunities and choices
for realization of sustainable livelihoods.

Deepti Bhuban

Deepti Bhuban
( Social Welfare & Development Organization)
19B/4D Ring Road . (4th Floor)Shaymoli
Dhaka-1207. Bangladesh

Dear Sir/madam,
My best regards to you on behalf of Deepti Bhuban.
Deepti Bhuban is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organisation. Founded on 03. January 1989 since inception, it has been involved in organisation the efforts leading towards the development program in the northern region of Bangladesh.Deepti Bhuban is a Socio Economic Development & Welfare Organization working for the up lift of the distress, disadvantage people since 1989. Our plan aims at the coverage to the distress people in our locality to the way of light and enlightens their conventional lives by some eligible programs. By this time, it is very necessary to improve the socio-economic-condition of the distress people in local Areas who are deprived from fundamental demands. It is earnestly requested to join hand with us in this holy development mission by gracious necessary support to give there down trodden, distressed, under privileged people their due to human rights for this reason, we wish to have involve with your program.
I shall be longingly waiting for your esteemed positive response in these regards.
Debasis Chowdhury Rana

The vision of Deepti Bhuban is to establish a society, which is ecologically balanced, socially just and democratic, where the poor, being economically productive, enjoy an equitable environment.
The mission of the organisation is to uplift the social, economical, environmental and cultural status of the underprivileged people through building people’s organisations and undertaking various sustainable developments programs.
Major objectives are:
• Reduce poverty,
• Reduce AIDS/HIV
• Empower the poor socially economically,
• Thwart environmental degradation,& Climate Change
• Promote human right and social justice,
* water & Sanitation.
• To signify of collective social action.
Deepti Bhuban believes that participation of people is a must for any development effort. It involves the program partner at grassroots in the whole process of its development initiatives. Hence, it identifies its role as of a facilitator’s. A variety of programs are initiated in line with the vision and mission of the organisation. INVITATION: You are coordially invited to all well wisher,fellow-feelings for helping the poor and distress peoples for their development in next millennium for reducing poverty and upliftment.