Social Action and Rural Awareness (SARA)Trust

Social Action and Rural Awareness (SARA) Trust is a registered NGO working for the development of the rural area people of Theni district in Tamil Nadu, India from 2006 in Health and Education aspects.

Registration date: 20-2-2006

Registration under : Trust Act

Managing Trustee: Dr.R.Reeba Irin

Contact Person: Rev.S.H.Richard, M.A., B.D., Director

Address: SARA Trust
1-4-10, Cumbum Road, Thenikarai, Periyakulam-625601, Theni District, Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone No.91-04546-230966

Activities Done: Women SHGS
Disabled SHGs
Free Tuition Centres for the school going children
Naturopathy & Yoga Awareness
Health Education to the Community & School students
Environmental awareness
Vocational Training on Nursing, Computer and tailoring to the poor scheduled caste women and of the weaker section

Awareness on HIV/AIDS

Child Hope Organization

Child Hope Organization (CHO) Child Hope Organization (CHO) is a non-political, non religious, humanitarian local non-governmental organization founded in 2008 and legally approved from the Royal Cambodian Government of Interior ministry on chartered Nº.1299SCN, on 15th June 2009.

Contact Information:
Mailing Address: Child Hope Organization (CHO), House No 420, Group 07, Rumchek4 village, Raatanak commune, Battambang city, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Child Hope Organization (CHO)’s purposes of CHO is to promotes vulnerable and poor Cambodian children, provide them with rights, well-beings, safety, and personal development, to meet with the hope for their prosperous future.

CHO has implementing it activities during December 2008, to the 9 target villages in Salakrav district of Pailin province, based to provide on formal and non formal eduaction, anti-child trafficking, domestic violence and community development. Another program in Battambang CHO has established a center of skills training to provide, 200 children who background from orphaned, street children, children live with HIV/AIDS and extremely poor family, to learn English language, Computer skills, and life skills.

the AIDS Initiative Uganda Globe

Chairman Abdul Malick Banyikide

Mobile Telephone (256) 75 1 068 663

Mobile Telephone (256) 77 2 956 433

Fax: (256) 41 4 233 302

Mailing Address Taawo Zone, Katwe, Kibuye II Parish, Kayemba Road, P.O.BOX: 37561 Makindye Division Kampala-Uganda.

General Inquiries



the AIDS initiative uganda globe (taiu-globe) is a charitable organisation ,an NGO with a history equivalent to serving our communities, taiu-globe is a non political and a non religious affilated organisation . taiu-globe faclitates the realisation of Uganda’s poor community peoples desire for a virtuous and happy life and can also have a laugh.

Taiu-globe is a not -for profit entity under a registration statute ,1989 of the non govermental organisation,taiu-globe was established in 2004 on 5914/6269 by group community people. taiu-globe’s long dream is to provide and support children of different primary and secondary education, investing in widows or community people with funds to begin income generation activities, and extending health facilities to communities in the thirst to combating HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Can Opwonya Widows and Orphans Sub-project (COWOSP)

Organization name [Bookman, 28 pt]

Who We Are
Who We Are – Copy and insert text here. Times New Roman 11.5 pt.

Can Opwonya Widows and Orphans Sub-Project is a Community Based Organization operating in kalipa village Kamuk parish Kaberamaido sub-county, Kaberamaido District. The activities of the CSO, however, cover the entire Kaberamaido sub county.
The mission of the organization is to improve HIV/AIDS awareness and orphan care among the community by providing health education to PLWAs and the youth as well as educating orphans.
The vision of the organization is to improve the welfare and standard of orphans and prevent HIV among the community of Kaberamaido District.
? To reduce the incidence and prevalence rate of HIV/aids by 25%
Can Opwonya Widows and Orphans was formed in 2007 with on obligation to improve the welfare and standard of living of the orphans. Its members have been very committed in a bid to promote its development
We have also been linking up and operating in line with government laws and policies.
Networking has also been another fundamental factor for the growth and development of this organization. We have been networking with partners like the Local Authorities in implementing the activities of the CBO for the benefit of the community.
Can Opwonya Widows and Orphans is governed by its secretariat which composed of the following, Programmes Manager, Field officer, Project Accountant, Office Administrator and office assistant but the board is the policy maker of the organization and decision making body including exercising democracy, promoting discipline and cooperation among its members. The Annual General Meeting is always organized to decide on issues that are beyond the mandate of the technical team and the Executive Committee.
Objectives of the organization
? To increase awareness on prevention and care through peer & community-based
? To promote the use of new HIV/AIDS prevention interventions through Home Based Counseling and Testing (HBCT)
? To Scale up HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) services to a population of Kaberamaido District
? To encourage good working relationship between members, their communities and other interested people or groups.
? To lobby for an advocate for the improvement of Orphans’ education welfare and rights in the region of East and Northern part of the country
? To promote awareness and enhance the image of members of the Organization by sensitizing the public about the role of the organization in society
? To carry research, collect and process data on the Organizations members in Uganda.
? To co-ordinate and where possible, carry out community based life improvement skills and related programmes.
? To Promote entrepreneurship to youth for lively hood and sustainability
? To conduct Monitoring and Evaluation for assessing the performance of the project
The activities of the project shall be in line with the objectives . They will include
? meetings with the District Technical Team and other stakeholders,
? home visits, follow up visits,
? HIV/AIDS counselor training, HIV/AIDS counseling,
? display of IEC materials,
? church-based mobilization and sensitization,
? Youth- focused mobilization, community meetings, targeted video shows, PMTCT, reproductive health talks, monitoring and evaluation.
? Formation of AIDS Response Youth Clubs (ARYCs) Conducting dialogue session with Married couples

? Organizing Football and Bicycle Competitions for the Youths

? To Orient senior woman and man teachers
? Identification of pregnant mothers from the villages and linking them for Antenatal care and the positive once encouraged for PMTCT services in health centre four-Kaberamaido
? Mobilization of HIV counseling and testing for both youth and community.
? Organizing and participating in worlds Aids Day Celebration
? Formation and Facilitation of post Test Clubs
? Support to orphans through education and provision of income generating activities
? The key outcome of these activities is to scale up the community response to the challenges of HIV/AIDS.
? All the strategies mentioned above will help to contribute to the goals of the National strategic frame work:
? To reduce the incidence and prevalence rate of HIV/aids by 25%
? To scale up HIV counseling and Testing to facilitate universal access
? Review meetings with counseling Aides these review meetings will be done quarterly to review performance of the project and seek for immediate solutions in case the project is running astray of the goal and objectives.
? Follow up of HIV +Clients to be done in order to linked them to care and treatment and see to it that drug adherence is most observed and followed
? To design and run radio sport programmes for HCT and prevention
Who We Serve
Who We Serve – Copy and insert text here. Times New Roman 11.5 pt.

The beneficiaries for the project include among others Married Couples, Youth in and out of School, pregnant mothers and adolescent at school, People living with HIV/AIDS, School children between the ages of 8-14 yrs old
Senior Man and Woman teachers (10 senior women, will be oriented on HIV/AIDS and will act as focal point person’s in each school to spear head abstinences clubs
The target Married couples youth to receive HCT services
The beneficiaries are always involved in meetings especially when we give feed back to them and they would contribute to the development of the project and most of the beneficiaries especially those who are negative or positive ones are enrolled into post test club so as to help them remain negative or positive and help in spreading the gospel of HIV/AIDS

CSF Funding
How we use CSF funds – Copy and insert text here. Times New Roman 11.5 pt.
The CSF Funds are used for implementation of the above mentioned activities to help to contribute to the goal of National Strategic frame work to reduce the incidence and prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS by 25%
Copy and insert town, postal address, telephone, fax, e-mail, and website here – Arial Bold 11 pt.

Odeke Moses
c/o Box 9,Kaberamaido
East Africa Uganda
Tel +256772931991
Email ;

Position :
Programmes Manager

Bastar Sevak Mandal

Bastar Sewak Mandal
Catholic Church, Lalbagh,
Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, India

Empowerment of marginalized society especially tribal.


Integrated Development and restoration of human dignity of poor tribal of Bastar division by 2020 AD.


•Promotion of preventive and curative health care.

•Utilization of Natural Resources management i.e., Forest, land, Water for Sustainable livelihood.

Promotion of Education.

•Strengthening of Local Governance and Promotion of SHGs.

Key Issues of development:

?High incidence of Malaria, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Diarrhea ect.
?Low level of Sanitation and High vulnerability for Epidemic.
?Low level of awareness regarding HIV / AIDS and Human Trafficking.

?High rate of drop outs and Very less attendance of children.
?Low level of girl education.
?Irregularity and insufficient teachers.

3.Sustainable Livelihood:
?Low on-farm and off production and inadequate marketing network.
?No sustainable source of income.
?Poor Natural Resources management
?No Social activists or catalyst
?Lack of infrastructure and inadequate access to government facilities.
4 Local Governance:
?Low level of awareness of PRI members regarding their rights and responsibilities.
?Corruption and red tapism.
?Inadequate information disseminations of different schemes and facilities of the government.
4.Drought and Emergency situation:
?Mass migration due to lack of alternative source of income.
?Recurring Drought / Flood / Any other problems leading to crop failure.
5.Basic Human Rights,justice and peace related Issues and problems.
6.Gender and women related issues.

Experience of the organization:

The organization has ample experience in multi-sector development programmes.
?Sustainable livelihood through Natural Resource Management programmes like Watershed, Wadi, Livelihood and Economic Enhancement Programme, Village Development Programmes, Grain bank, Seed bank ,Linkage and Advocacy etc.
?Health and sanitation related programmes like Malaria, Reproductive Child Health, TB and Leprocy, HIV/AIDS awareness and Human Trafficking etc.
?Education related programme like Quality education in Formal and Non formal sector, Bridge course ,Summer camp, Balpanchayat, Child education etc.
?Strengthening Local Governance programmes like Formation of Community Based Organizations, Formation of krusak clubs, Promotion of Self Help Groups, Animation, Training on Panchayati Raj for PRI Members etc.
?Publications,BSM has published few books for useful reference among them Reference book on HIV/AIDS, Reference book on Anti human Trafficking and Teachers and students reference book for out reach Education are of more importance.
?Activity in Emergency Situation like Emergency Flood Relief Programme.

Our Network:

?Shiksha Kiran, NGO Forum of Chhattisgarh.
?MPSSS , NGO Forum of Madhya Pradesh
?CGSSS, NGO Forum of Chhattisgarh
?Mother NGO Consultancy Network
?SMS, Nakti Semera, Jagdalpur
?VCA, Dantewada
?BDKS, Jagdalpur
?SEBA, Jagdalpur
?DBS, Jagdalpur
?Shanti Service Society, Kanker

Our Supporting Agencies:

?Catholic Relief Service (CRS)
?CARITAS Germany
?Christian Children Fund (CCF)
?Development Focus, Bangalore

Jan Vikas Samiti


Jan Vikas Samiti (JVS) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with its head office at head office at MATA (JATAV) CHOPAL NEAR KAPIL MEDICAL STORE MAIDAN GARHI
NEW DELHI -110068. The organization is registered under the societies registration Act XXI of 1860 with registration number NO. S/52161-2005 and under processing section 80G of the Income Tax Act. It is registered by government of national capital territory (NCT) of Delhi. JAN VIKAS SAMITI has been working in meaningful development driven initiatives that distinctly impact the quality of life of the marginalized children, youth and women from rural and urban slums at Delhi and NCR.

JAN VIKAS SAMITI is one of the leading NGO committed for sustainable community development programmes through participatory research and development, capacity building and issue based intervention at various stages having its strong base in rural and tribal areas with special emphasis on education (Vocational & Elementary education), health, child labor, nation building through community development, empowerment and general social up liftment of socially disadvantageous people at the grass- root levels. JAN VIKAS SAMITI involvement in its endeavor of developmental work at different level has been through its well experienced and highly qualified experts, professionals in the field of planning, designing, programme Implementation, Monitoring & evolution in socio-economic programmes.

As take target to aware, work on education, health, women empowering, youth and other social work and with this aim JAN VIKAS SAMITI established in 2005 by a group of social scientists, professionals and social workers for community development, environment building through participatory and social programmes. The sole objectives of JAN VIKAS SAMITI is to make every youth educated with vocational training and elementary education, woman empowerment, child labor, HIV/ AIDS, and Rural Development etc.
The core strength of JAN VIKAS SAMITI is supplemented by a dedicated group of experts, professionals comprising specialists to suit specific project requirements as well as through relevant linkages with other NGO’s, academic institutions and other national and international organizations of repute.
As show the figure of Delhi’s largest slum area Maidan Garhi, JAN VIKAS SAMITI opened a unit JVS Institute at Maidan Garhi. JVS Insttute is working with education for students who belongs with low income family. They can not get admission in higher education, So Bright Institute of Information Technology gave him opportunity with various Diploma Program in various fields such as DIT, DCA, ADCA, DOM, DCAP, DCAD, DFA, DGWD, DTP and others .

Are You Interested to help Jan Vikas Samiti please contact

Fateh Singh

Hempal Asrawat
Co-ordinator AIIT
Mobile No. +919958535930

Enlightening Education For Everyone

NEW DELHI -110068. The organization is registered under the societies registration Act XXI of 1860 with registration number NO. S/52161-2005
Email :

Alexis Society


108, Alexis Bhawan, Eldeco Towne, IIM Road, Lucknow – 226013, Uttar Pradesh.


Alexis is an International Not-for-Profit & Non-Political Organisation with Passion For Excellence. It promotes Creativity, Innovation, Peace, Harmony and Inclusive Development.

Founded by Aditya Singh and Vidhan Ashok on 1st November, 2009. Both of them are currently students at University of Delhi pursuing B.Com (Honours) and BA (Honours) Economics respectively.

Other Founding Members: Arpit Gaharwar, Hitesh Bachani, Vibhanshu Srivastava, Umesh Kumar and Shikhar Deep Gupta.

Soon after its formation, Students and Young Professionals from the Best Institutes all over the World have joined the Society. Currently, We have over 100 members from different Academic, Ethnic, Social and Economic backgrounds.

Legal Status

Registered with Registrar of Societies Uttar Pradesh u/s 21 UP Societies (Revised) Act, 1860.
Registration No. 1071-2010-2011. Dated: 21/07/2010.


United Nations Global Compact
United Nations Civil Society Network
Government of India’s NGO Partnership System


ACME Society – Ramanujan College (University of Delhi)

Aims and Objectives

a. To develop and encourage all types of cultural and literary activities like Music, Literature, Painting, Sketching, Graphic Designing, Photography, Film Making, Journalism so on by providing education and training in above mentioned respective fields.

b. To provide career counselling and impart useful personality development tips to students. Guidance related to various emerging careers, entrance exams, scholarships, financial matters, foreign education and various issues related to it.

c. To motivate and prepare students & youth to become self reliant and develop effective communication, managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

d. To promote Family Planning, HIV/AIDS Awareness, TB & Polio Awareness, Rural Development, Healthcare Facilities, Women Empowerment, Adult Education, Skill Development etc. and coordinate and with Government, Non-Government Organisations, International Organisations, Citizen Groups, Public & Private Institutions, Companies, Firms and Individuals in these and various other areas.

e. To conduct theatre plays, producing documentaries on social causes like welfare and development of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe people, welfare of women and children and also on cultural activities like music, history, folklore, tribal art etc.

f. To publish and distribute useful literary works for the welfare and development of minorities, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes and also for Youth, Women and Child Welfare (including rehabilitation programmes).

g. To promote literacy, scientific, cultural and social improvement of all classes of community, of both sexes, by conducting lectures, workshops, conferences, seminars and competitions.

h. To conduct awareness programmes on various social, environmental and economic issues and various policies of Central & State Governments.



1. Name of the organization : CARE FOR UNCARED

2. Address for correspondence : Mrs.A.Surya Kumary, General Secretary,
Plot No.142, Flat No.302, Dhanunjaya Residency,
Kalyan Nagar,Venture – III, Hyderabad – 500 018. A.P,

3. Phone No. : + 040 – 23837783 / 98666 07783

4. E-Mail. :

5. Contact person : Mrs.A.Surya Kumary, General Secretary,

6. Legal Status : CARE FOR UNCARED organization was registered
under A.P. public societies registration act 2001 at
Hyderabad, Government of Andhrapradesh

a) Registration No : 332 / 2010 {Physically the organization has formed
on dated 14:02:2007 Please refer page No.9 and
column No.10 of the bye-laws}

c) Income Tax PAN No. : AAAAC8232B

7. Bank Details

Name of the Account : CARE FOR UNCARED

Account No. : 169601000002072

Name of the Bank & Address : Indian Overseas Bank – Ameerpet – Hyderabad A.P.

8. Organization Audit reports : Audited by charted Accountant

9. Back ground of the Organization :

Mrs.A.Surya Kumary, the General Secretary of our organization was moved by reading the death of an adolescent tribal girl on being rendered services by a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) who did not use disposable delivery kit and does not know the importance of clean and aseptic practices during delivery. She felt that the death could have been averted but for lack of awareness both on the part of the girl and TBA. Like minded women of 2, men of 5 in 2007 there create “CARE FOR UNCARED” which in Sanskrit means “Activation by Awareness Building”.

Vision: To continue playing an important role for better living by conducting HIV/AIDS awareness,
Literacy and socio-economical activities.

Mission: CARE FOR UNCARED seeks to facilitate so that the marginalized tribal/urban & rural
communities them selves are able to expand and enhance their opportunities and choices
for realization of sustainable livelihoods.

Mahalik Educational Trust

AT-IPET Campous
Aged/Elderly, Agriculture, Children, Drinking Water, Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests, Health & Family Welfare, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Legal Awareness & Aid, Labour & Employment, Panchayati Raj, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Sports, Tribal Affairs, Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation, Vocational Training, Water Resources, Women’s Development & Empowerment, Youth Affairs, Any Other



Particulars Details
Name of the NGO NAELIN – NGO to Advocate to Empower/Educate to Liberate to Institute and to Need asses
Registered Office

41, KA Nagar,
Kothur Road, Velusamy Puram,
Karur 639002
Regn No: 12797 /2007

Project Office Address Administrative Office:-
No: 28G, New Street,
CSI Compound,
Church Corner,
Karur 639001, Tamilnadu, India

Office Phone No: Mobile : +919894155806 , + 91 7373220599
E mail or
Your Project Office own or Rent Rental Rs1500 per month
Electricity charges Rs.800 per month aprox
Water charges Rs.1200 per year
Phone bill Rs. 800 per month
Date of Salaries to Staff
Every 6th of the month

No. of Computers in the office 2
Are you have computer operator yes
If yes Qualification B. Sc Computer science
Project have LCD No. Having full Audio visual setup TV VCR Mike, Amplifier etc
Project have 4 Wheeler yes
Project have 2 wheeler Yes one

Organizational Details

Registration Number

Year of Registration 2007


IT exemption


Your Organization associated with any State /district level committees or any member of working committee
Associate member of TNVHA
Working jointly along with the CSI TA
In Karur District for the past 30 years in Health field mainly HIV-Aids, leprosy and Primary health ,GANG Net work , Children’s Parliament etc
Supporter • CSI TA Trichy and The Leprosy Mission
• Delhi
Project Duration • On going project for more than 30 years
Amount • Approximately Rs 350000 per year
Details of On going projects • Awareness creation, CBR/SER to the deserved patients, Prevention of Deformity, Care and support Management of Minor health problems/ referral centre for TLM hospitals. Home for the negative children affected by HIV-Aids families

Total population covered • 77,000 in 77 villages in 8 Panchayats in
• Karur district.
No of Schools No statistics
No. of PHC s 3


1 Mr.Robert Devanesan MA ,
H.Educator Project Director 6000 per month
2 Mrs.R.Dhavamani LI Field In charge 5000 ‘
3 J. priya BscComputer,DTP Comp Operator 3000 “
4 Mr. D.David Joseph BSc Administrator 5000 “
5 Mrs.Jeyamani Thangavel 12th, Tailoring Field Staff 2000 per month


Executive Summery
• Board Consist of 5 Members with a Governing Body.
• Naelin is associating in few statewide networks.
Rational Conceptual framework • naelin works for the concept of health and Social Welfare Programme in this district.
Objectives • To provide cost effective and qualitative services for prevention curative and self management on health hazards
• To built alternatives through networking and network and lobbying for the discarded communities due to their illness , status or clause .
• To take up comprehensive integrated approach for enabling deserved peoples to the main stream.
• To develop leadership qualities among the community.
• Removal of existing stigma and discrimination against the diseases like leprosy, HIV-Aids ad Polio etc.

• Primary Health care setup
• Awareness creation.
• Children parliament
• Reduction of Stigma and discrimination about HIV-Aids.
• Care and support to deserved peoples.
• Socio Economic development for the deserved
• Eradication of Parthenium weeds-Airman Network Foundation.
• Gang Network(Campaign Against Negligence of Girl Child)
• Tnvha –Parent NGO DRC & Naelin-Associate member

Target Group Beneficiaries • Entire district population. Institutions, Industries Health Care providers, PRI etc.

Location of the project Karur District, Tamilnadu, India
Project Duration • Continuing one

Project Management & Implementation

The NGOs Head will be the project facilitator
Coordinator will look after the implementation of the activities
Review and evaluation meeting will be held with the representative from the Nodal NGO .Reports and account details will be submitted regularly to the Nodal NGO
Details of implementation herewith enclosed in a separate sheet with monthly wise details.

Infrastructural Requirements
Having enough infrastructural setup to implement the program

Monitoring Mechanism

Implementing Staff – Concern NGO Heads
INGOs – Nodal NGOs Representative
or Appointed by the
supporting Agency

Evaluation INGO Weekly/Monthly evaluation.
NODAL Monthly and Term evaluation

Sustainability & Follow-up
With the training programs and our activities the selected target group in the area will have the reasonable and reliable knowledge about the HIV Aids mainly stigma discrimination and condom promotion /Safe sex practices.

Robert Devanesan