Vision :
To have healthy and self reliant society where equal opportunities are made available to the disadvantaged with special reference to women.

Mission :
To create a self reliant society of disadvantaged & marginalized groups who can avail equal opportunities in which woman play proactive role.

Goal :
Sustainable development of the society through women empowerment.

1. Name of Organization : SANKALP-JYOTI
2. Registered Office : Ashoka Nagar, Road
No.-1 Last, Kankarbagh,
Patna -800020.
3. E-mail :
4. Telephone/Mob. No. : 09334525610 / 09304832180.
5. Contact Person : Mr. Santosh Kumar
(Secretary), Ashoka Nagar, Road No.-1, Kankarbagh, Patna-800020
6. Status Of Organization : State Level in Bihar.
7. Registration no. Date &
Place of registration : Reg. No.- 1289/2003-04
Society Registration Act
XXI,1860, Bihar.
8. Nature of Organization : Not Profitable
Voluntary Organization.
9. Under IT Act
12 “A” : 1740-43.
& 80 “G” : 1744-47.

10. FCRA Ministry of Home
Affairs Govt. of India : 031170412
11. PAN No. : AAAAJ3140M.
12. Bank Details :
(i) Namme of Bankers : Indian Bank
(ii) Address of Bankers : Kankarbagh, Patna-800020.
(iii) Account No. :
Non-F.C.R.A : 537809512.
F.C.R..A. : 751410886.
(iv) Nature of Account : Joint Signature(Secretary
& Treasurer)

13. Project Location : Naubatpur Block of
Patna distt.and Kako,Jehanabad sadar & Ratnifaridpur Block of Jehanabad Distt.

Maths Marothon

We are very much pleased to announce that we “AVTAAR WELFARE SOCIETY” organizing an exam Math’s Marathon in the city of Jhansi.
The purpose of this exam is to create awareness & interest in Mathematics as well as to reward students so as to motivate them to perform better in future life according to competition scenario.
We seek your support in helping to conduct the exam in your prestigious school.

Thanks & Regard
Avtaar Welfare Society
Corporate office – 5, basement
Mayur apartment Gwalior road Jhansi (U.P.)
Ph no- 0510-3201557
Mob- 08765250783, 09935814913,
09236567223, 08004480625.



1. Name of the Organization: Participatory Action for Rural Advancement and Youth Awareness “PARAYAS”
V.P.O -Panar Teh.- Nahan, Distt. Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh. Pin cod.- 17302
? Telephone No/ Mob. No. : 09816199029, 09418228916
? E-mail
? Pan No. : AABAT6815C

3. Whether there is any branch office if the NGO. If so, how many (give details): Only one
The Registered office of the Society is at V.P.O. Panwa. Teh. Pachhad. Distt. Sirmour Pin Code No. – 173229 (H.P.)
Branch office of the Society is at V.P.O. Panar Teh. Nahan, Distt. Sirmour
Pin Cod. No. – 173022 (H.P.) Kindly correspondence us at our Branch office.

4. Area of Operation :
The area of operation of the Society is the state of Himachal Pradesh and is working at present in area Nahan, Pachhad &Sangrah Blocks in Distt. Sirmour in Himachal Pradesh.

5. Vision
To achieved the goals of voluntary aspects through integrated development of rural community.

6. Mission
To achieve the vision is to make the base line survey of the operational area and implement the relevant application to meet the overall requirement of the community.

7. Objective :
? To make use of the services of the graduates and students on rational bases in the
agriculture, medical educational and other services /activities of the societies.
? To inculcate the youths with energetic ideas to planning, common welfare programmes.
? To organize and conduct training courses for the students and other people in rural development.
? To work for backward and disseminated people like poor families women and children.
? To do other lawful things as may be incidental to or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.
? To under take management and execution of the objects of the society. To assist or take assistance/loan Govt. and Non- Govt. Funding agencies of national and international level and collaborate with other institution with similar activities in India or elsewhere.
? To make effort for the empowerment by organizing them at the platform of Self-help group formation, micro-credits for their socio-economic development, health, education and legal rights.
8. Details of Registration :
a) Registration No. : 325/2002 Date: 27 February 2002
b) Valid upto : Registration under the societies registration act. 1860-XXI
If there is any change from the original body , certified copy of the resolution passed by the Executive Committee of the VO to be enclosed or copies of correspondence with Registrar to be furnished.
9. Details of Members of Executive/Governing Body:

S.No. Name Father’s/Husband’s Name Address with Telephone No If related to each other indicate relationship
1. Mr. Balkishan Sharma
(Chairman) S/o Sh. Tak Ram Village Gatu P/O Chhecheti Teh. Poanta Sahib Sirmour, H.P.

2. Mr.Kamal jeet Sharma
(Vice Chairman) S/o Sh. Chaker dher Sharma Village Rahan,P/O Bharog Baneri, The. Poanta Sahib, Distt- Sirmour (HP)
3. Mr. Dheeraj Ramoul
(Secretary) S/o Late Sh. Rameshwar Dutt “PARAYAS”VPO – Panar
Teh- Nahan Distt- Sirmour (HP)
4. Miss Sita Devi (Member) D/O Tika Ram Vill & P/O Panar Teh-Nahan Distt- Sirmour (HP)
5. Miss Menu Sharma (Member) D/O Kewal Ram VPO- Palgani Teh-Nahan
Distt- Sirmour (HP) NO
6. Mr. Suresh Attri S/o Maya Ram Village Kayri ,P.O. Chhachheti ,Tehsil –Paonta Sahib, Distt-Sirmour (H.P) NO
7. Smt. Kamla Devi W/o Sohan Singh Vill & P/O Panar Teh-Nahan Distt- Sirmour (HP)

This is certified that the members of the General body are not in relation with each other

10. Experience/Activities undertaken:
The Voluntary organization is working since 2002 in the fields of rural development. At present the Vo is working on women SHGs formation & development, Women Awareness Generation Programme, general awareness on National rural employment guarantee programme, rural environment awareness campaigns and agriculture development Candace course. The organization has good experience of working in the rural sector and relevant experienced manpower available to implement the programme.

The Voluntary organization is working in district Sirmour since last three year in the fields of LIC (Micro Insurance Jeewan Madhur policy ) programme for BPL families.

11. Main target group:
Rural Women, Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathan, self help groups,Youth, Yuvti, Rural Artizans, farmers and older peoples and are other all segments of rural community .

12. Details of Bank Account:
a) Name of the Bank/Branch : The Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank LTD.
Branch –Dadahu(553)
State Bank of India, Branch Pachhad (Sarahan) Code No. 2444
b) Account No : Dadahu A/c No. 4529 Dt. 10-05-2008
A/c No. 11508825877 Dt. 01-03-2005
c) Type of Account : Saving
d) Date since held : Pachhad (Sarahan) 01-03-2005 Dadahu Dt. 10-05-2008
e) Name of the Signatory (ies): Dheeraj Ramoul (Secretary ), Bal krishan Sharma (Chairman)
f) Relationship if with the
Chief Functionary: No





Animation Liberate For Organize (ALO)
Village:Nawdagram, Post:Jessore-7400, District: Jessore,
. Email:


1. Name of the Organization : Animation Liberate For Organize ALO)

2. Date of Establishment : 1st January, 1994

Address : Animation Liberate For Organize ALO)
Village: Nawdagram,
Post: Jessore,-7400,
District: Jessore ,

5. Head of the Organization: Md. Anisur Rahman
Executive Director,

03. Registrations with Government:

Sl. No. Name of Concerned
Dept. Institute Registration No. Date of
01. Department of social services 484 19-05-1997
02. NGO Affairs Bureau 1711 01-04-2002
03. Youth Development Athidoptor 37 02-08-2003

Contact Person: Md: Anisur Rahman
Executive Director,
Animation Liberate For Organize (ALO)
Village; Nqwdagram
Post: Jessore- 7400,
District: Jessore ,
Mob:- 88-01712-861049

Background of the organization:

Animation Liberate for Organize (ALO) is a project oriented implementing organization established in 1994. Executive Director of the organization Md. Anisur Rahman with initiation of a group of some like-minded highly educated social workers founded this organization and he has been working with skilled and experienced staffs. Since inception, it is working with the goal of promoting the socioeconomic status of the poor, underprivileged and back –warded people, especially the women, children and youth through undertaking appropriate and sustainable programs with its community based integrated approaches. The formation was full of sacrifices and pains and with the bitter experiences. It was only possible by the united work force of the targeted people. Since its establishment in 1994, ALO has been working in the Jessore and Magurs District.
ALO’s philosophy is the belief in the intrinsic value of each individual. The development of the individual is intimately bound up with that of the community she or he lives in. Within the basic promise of belief in the individual’s power to bring about changes in his or her life, ALO’s aims to facilitate the process of promoting human rights, education, social justice, ecological balance, harmony and peace in the community by covering exploitation, gender discrimination, poverty Alleviation infirmity, illiteracy, unemployment, and all forms of injustices through systematic non-violent action. The basic approach of ALO is to promote self-help and self-reliance.

The organization runs its activities following a holistic approach with the help of its three –staged management authority. The General Committee (GC) comprised of 21 members takes part in policy making for the organization sitting at least once in a year while the Executive Committee (EC) consisting of 7 members elected / selected by the GC for two years acts as the supreme policy – making body for the projects and programs of the organization. It meets at least 4 times in a year. On the other hand, the Executive Office (EO) headed by an Executive Director (ED) involves execution of projects and programs by number of program and administrative staffs, workers and professionals.

Goal of ALO:

The main goal of the organization is to promote the socioeconomic and human development of the poor and vulnerable people, emphasizing the women, children and youth to link up them with the main stream of development.


To establish poor and vulnerable people, specially the women, children and youth in the society and their empowerment, where they will be able to live in peace and justice and will get democratic value.

Mission Statement:

To establish the poor and vulnerable people, specially the women and children in the society through making them capable, self-sufficient, self-governed, and self-initiators through building capacity, institution, capital, utilisation of local resources and imparting felt-need based problem solving programs involving necessary skilled, trained and experienced staff.


a) To eradicate illiteracy imparting child non-formal and adult education.

b) To upgrade the socio-economic of the targeted people through organizing them into small groups, capital formation and motivation.

c) To identify the problems and resources of the targeted people and taking steps / initiatives to solve the Problems with their own efforts.

d) To make the stake holder skill, conscious, and qualified through arranging training and workshop.

e) To create employment and income earning opportunities through undertaking different appropriate, viable, and feasible income generating activities for the targeted beneficiaries..

f) To created favorable health atmosphere and to control population growth through providing primary health and family planning education.

g) To develop interest and increase the participation of women in development

h) To eradicate social barriers religious superstitions, injustice, exploitation, deprivation etc.

i) To provide advocacy and training about HIV / AIDS and STD to the risky community.

j) To develop the local environmental situation through social forestation and nursery development.

k) To dig silted ponds and fish cultivation.

l) To educate the farmers on regenerative agricultural development.
m) To undertake relief and rehabilitation activities at the time of disaster period to help the victims.

n) To eradicate poverty through applying new technology in the agriculture

o) To ensure pure drinking water, and sanitation for poor.

p) To rehabilitate the disabled persons in the society.

q) To undertake scheme for the prevention and rehabilitation for the flood affected people.

Operational areas:

ALO has been extended its working coverage in 75 villages of 12 Unions under Jessore Sadar, Sharsha Monirampur Upazillas of Jessore and Mohammadpur Upazilla of Magura Districts, a southern-western part and disaster prone coastal areas of Bangladesh and near the dangerous river Kapotakkha. The areas are as follows:

District Thana Union No of Villages.
Jessore Jessore Sadar Arabpur 9
Nowapara 3
Deara 6
Kashimpur 5
Isali 8
Churamankathi 5
Sarsha Sarsha 9
Dhihi 6
Gathkhaki 7
Monirampur Monirampur 5
Zhappa 6
Magura Mohammdpur Mohammdpur 6
2 4 12 75

On Going Activities:

1 . Group formation and capital formation.

2 . Concretization / non-formal education.

3 . Training, Seminar and workshop.

4 . Adolescent and child education.

5 . Credit support for Income generating activities.

6 . Social forestry and nursery development

7 . Water, and sanitation.

8 . Health, Nutrition and Family Welfare Education.

9 . Women Development .

12 . Relief and Rehabilitation.

13. Human resource development program.

14. Technology Transfer projects.

15. Disable people development.

16. HIV / AIDS / STD Prevention Program.

17. Handicrafts development.

18. Agriculture and Environment.
Organizational Management:

ALO is governed by a General Council (GC) of 21 members, which is the highest policy making body and sit yearly once, A7, member Executi8be Committee (EC) elected by the GC look after whole system and management and sits by-monthly to formulate policy decision, review and approve the budget expenditures, plans and progresses. Apart from these, there is an Advisory committee of 5 members to advise the Executive Director for proper implementation The Executive Director materializes the decisions of the EC through 21 staff 20 teacher and 15 volunteers, who are experiences, skilled and trained in the field of development.

Stuff Position: List of The Project Personnel By Sex

Sl.No Designation Male Female Total
1 Executive Director 1 X 1
2 Project Coordinator 1 X 1
3 Administrative officer 1 X 1
4 Lawyer X 1 1
5 Agriculturist 1 X 1
6 Trainer 1 X 1
7 Ass: Trainer X 1 1
8 Chief Accountant 1 X 1
9 Assistant Accountant X 1 1
10 Store keeper X 1 1
11 Computer operator X 1 1
12 Field Supervisor 2 2 4
13 Field Organizers 3 4 7
14 Teacher X 20 20
15 Volunteers 5 10 15
Total 15 41 56

Total Beneficiaries and Savings:

Sl Subject Male Female Children Total
1. Groups 126 140 24 290
2. Group members 3280 2240 250 5,770
3. Group savings 6,74,840 8,79,655 — 15,54,495

Present Asset of The Organization:

No Particulars Amount of Taka
Land 5 Decimal 15,00,000
b Office Building 15,00,000
c Vehicle (Honda Motor Cycle – 2) 2,00,000
d Bicycle 7 (Seven) 20,000
e Computer & Printer (no-2) 1,50,000
f Telephone /Mobile phone 44,000
g Revolving Loan Fund 10,00,000
i Furniture and Fixture 1,50,000
Total 45,54,000
Network/Forum Member-Ship:

Sl. Name of Organization Country Status of Membership


1 Association of development Agencies in Bangladesh. (ADAB) Bangladesh Member
2 Credit Dev. Forum (CDF) Bangladesh Member
3 STD/AIDS Network of Bangladesh Bangladesh Member
4 Manob Pacher Pothord Network Bangladesh Member
5 Garnet Bangladesh Member
6 D-Net Bangladesh Member


1 Water Integrity Network WIN Germany Member
2 Mind Freedom USA USA Member
3 World wide enterprise development USA Member
4 Loop Net, Inc
5 Global Water Partnership (GWP( Sweden Member
6 Pro Poor (Charity Focus)
7 ECOPOSSIBLE-Network-International Italy Member
8 One country USA USA Member
9 The Global Development Network GDN USA Member
10 Asian Human Right AHRC Hong Kong Member
11 Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) Netherlands Member
12 WSSCC Switzerland Member

List of Funding in last 12 Months.

Year Project Description Name and address of Donor
1999- Completed Non Formal Education – NFE Nizara Shikhi, Dhaka.
2007- Completed Social Forestation Road side Plantation Project Environment and Forest Department Gov of Bangladesh.
2008-Completed Drinking water & Sanitation pro. NGO Forum
2009-Completed Bangladesh Childhood cataract Campaingn Sight savers International and Uttaran
2007- Completed Beef Fattening Using Urea Molasses Straw as Supplementary Food. Agriculture And Live Stock Department, Gov of Bangladesh Khamarbari, Dhaka.
2009-Completed A Collective Drive To Engender The Process Of Women’s Empowerment. USHA and Manushare Jonho Foundation.
House- 4c, Road 7C, Sector- 9, Uttra Model Town, Dhaka.
On going HIV / AIDS Awareness, Prevention,& Care.Program. Own Fund & STD Network
On going Education Program Own Fund
On going Income Generating Program Own Fund


2005-Completed Rights Establisshedment Program for Working Children. UNESCO
Place de Fontenoy, 75352 Paris 07 SP, France.
2006-Completed Educational Support For Early Development Program. Catholic Teachers Association,
55 St Clair Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario M4T 2Y8, Canada.

List of Executive Committee Members (Board of Director).

SL Name Designation Education Age Gender Profession
1 Mr. Josaf Biswas Chairman M.A.L.L.B 31 Male Pr. Dev. Service
2 Anupama Mitro Vice Chairman B.A 30 Female Pr. Dev. Service
3 Md.Anisur Rahman General Secretary / Executive Director B.A
31 Male Pr. Dev. Service
4 Shadia Afrin (Sila) Joint Secretary B.A Hons. M.A 29 Female Pr. Dev. Service
5 Parvina Khatu Treasurer B.A 28 Female Pr. Dev. Service
6 China Begom
Executive Member H.S.C 30 Female Pr. Dev. Service
7 Shida Khatun
Executive Member B.A 30 Female Pr. Dev. Service



General Committee

Executive Committee

General Secretary / Executive Director

Coordinator Administrative officer

Trainer/Supervisor Accountant Peon / Guard

Field Organisers.

Beneficiaries Community

Holy Cross Trust

Holy Cross Educational & Social Awareness Trust
401, K.K. Nagar,
Thiruthangal – 626130,
Virudhunagar District.
Mob : +91-9443377401

The NGO shall be a voluntary, non-political, non-profit making, non-religion, charitable & social organization obsessed with a financial Motto was established to promote quality engineering & technical education, Improvise standard of life by generating employment opportunities through Micro finances amongst All the Communities and also to promote management education exclusively amongst Women entrepreneurs & employees. more so, it shall support the educationally backward and economically weaker sections living in Rural and semi urban areas in the Societies.

Shree sitaram vaish memorial charitable society

C/o global eye hospital
322/24 Bai Ka Bagh
Allahabad 211003
Uttar Pradesh

Mob. No. 919628285111

we are into field of eye care. We have two 70 bedded hospital in the city. We organise free CATARACT SURGERY CAMPS for the poor people. Presently we get aid from govt of India.
We want to expand it to the tribal areas. For that we need funds. One can contribute only Rs. 750 for cataract operation of a deseased person.
So contribute with open heart .

Sampark Samaj Kalyan Sansthan

In January 2006, a few motivated and young professionals set up “Sampark Samaj Kalyan Sansthan” inspired by the belief and conviction that rural India must be transformed into a knowledge economy for sustainable rural development. They also believed that micro level initiatives at grassroots levels are must to bring about stable livelihood creations to remove mass poverty in our villages. SAMPARK started to work with farmers for providing them with appropriate solutions to increase the productivity with limited resources. With the ideal well grounded in practice, SAMPARK aims to spread out and expand its outreach to disseminate ‘developmental technologies’ and mobilize communities to build upon their skills, initiatives and resources.

Vikas Nagar, Lucknow
Tel. 0522-3040700
Mob : 09696411736
Web Site :


Civil Line, District-Deoria Pin-274 001 Uttar Pradesh (India)
SAMAJOTTHAN, Civil Line, District- Deoria Uttar Pradesh is registered U/S 21,1860 of Societies Registration Act on dt. 29-0-2001 bearing Registration No.784/2000-2001, Vision : We visualise a society based on justice, gender equity and fullness of life for all, Mission: Empowerment of the marginalised people of the Society, especially the Dalits, Women and Children through a process of awareness, organisation, collective actions and advocacy for raising their Socio-Political, Educational, Economic, Health Status and Promotion of Environment, Strategy: A continuous process of animation and advocacy among men and women to become aware, form and organise into groups and federations and to take actions for integrated participatory and sustainable development and our Issue RCH, Child & Women Development, Agriculture Development, Gender Balancing, Awarness of HIV / Aids, Enviornment protection and plantation in District- Deoria, Kushinagar & Mahrajganj of Uttar Pradesh.

Girishwar Mani
Ph & Fax.05568-224991